10 Years

When we met, we both had 3 things in common —  

  1. We didn’t believe in the construct of marriage
  2. We never wanted kids
  3. And our love language was freedom


Cut-to 8 months later – there we were standing at the alter exchanging vows and dreaming of what our future kid would look like.


Life is bat-shit crazy like that.


I never imagined our marriage would take us to so many places 10-years later.


Places that made us work so fucking hard for our relationship.

Places that made us laugh uncontrollably.

Places that questioned our beliefs in who we were.

Places that were so sweet we could barely take in the goodness that surrounded us.


Places that we look back on now with gratitude that we survived that leg of the marriage trip.


10 years of marriage.

That was never the dream I had for my life.

I never wanted marriage or kids.

I wanted to be a famous actress and talk show host and travel the world.

And as much as I loved the men and amazing relationships I had with them in my life, I always ended up loving myself more and rarely budged on compromise.


Call it timing. Call it maturity. Call it whatever you want.

In this partnership…I softened; I chose to work through my shit.

And I’ve had to keep making that choice over and over and over again.

Because it is a choice and partnerships take hella work sometimes.



I love you. There’s no word that can accurately describe my gratitude for your handsome ass.

You’re brave + tender; courageous + kind; annoying + hilarious.

I love how your brain overthinks most things in life + how I can’t follow most of your thoughts because the words are just too big and oftentimes, I feel like I live with the reincarnate soul of Nikola Tesla.

I love that you put up with me and all of my wild ideas and the non-conventional adventures I want to go on in life.

I love how much you love our daughter and how you lose your breath just thinking about her sometimes.

I love that you’ve never tried to dim my light; you’ve only helped me illuminate it – especially in times when I couldn’t reach my own on switch.


And thank you for choosing growth over comfort every damn day of our life together.  


Cheers to 10, baby 😘