5 Reasons To Take A Leap Of Faith


“The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears.”

– Dan Stevens



“Take a leap of faith, girl.”

“Live it up, sister.”

“Step outside your comfort zone why don’t you?”

“Choose more adventure in your life, huh?”

“Live life on the edge, already!”


Have you ever been told one of these lines?

I’m sure these little quips of go-getter-ness are familiar to you; they are for most people.

Although, I know wanting to scratch someone’s eye out might be a thought when one of these lines get dropped on you, but let’s not get too crazy yet – I have a list of some legit, inspirational reasons for taking a leap of faith.


Why the hell listen to me about taking a leap of faith?

Well, you don’t have to of course. But, I can tell you, if there was a degree in Comfort Zone Crashing, I would be an A++ student, fo’ sho’!

I thrive in the unknown + have always joked that I have more balls than brains, but I digress.


Let’s get to the junk-punch, real-deal and full of heart reasons to take a leap of faith.


1.  Start + The Pressure Will Be Off:

“When the time is on you, START, and the pressure will be off.” – Yogi Bhajan


The Yogi man knows what’s up. Have you ever been so inspired – loaded with tons of ideas, but felt paralyzed because you didn’t know where to start?

Most of us probably have felt this way, especially if you are an entrepreneur bogged with a million thoughts in your head + a song in your heart.


START. Begin. Jump.

Don’t try to “figure it out” because you will spend all of your life trying to do that.


One of my favorite ways to “start” is to brain dump everything on a blank sheet of paper; get in the ring with your pen and blank canvas.

After it’s all out there, start taking consistent, inspired action. I’ve learned that just by showing up, you place yourself in the ring of life and it has to reward you for bringing your sweat to the table.

Clarity comes when you take action, so just DO IT!


2.  Action Bitch-Punches Fear: 

Too many ideas swirling around in your head?

Can’t sleep because you just had a eureka moment?

And then the dust settles and you feel yourself shrinking + thinking you can’t do it.


I call bullshit + a cure for that thinking is taking action.


Have a business idea? Start taking steps to get the ball rolling – get a business mentor, talk to people in that field.

Have an idea for a book? Start mapping out the chapters, or hell, start showing up to write everyday.

Want to travel somewhere foreign? Talk to people who have been there, place a date in the calendar, buy a map and make love to it.


Nothing is forever + everything is malleable.

Clarity comes through action – your dream may shift, it may take on a new face, but you won’t know that unless you show the hell up.


3.  Stop Striving For Perfection:

“Fail, fail again, fail better.” – Pema Chödrön


Trying to be perfect is maddening, so stop it, dammit!

We are human, therefore we are meant to be HUMAN – not perfect (and trying to be perfect pretty much sucks – I know, I’m a recovering perfectionist).

By taking on life as an adventure, you can free yourself from the perfection road paved to hell + start living in a space where it is totally okay to make “mistakes” and truly LIVE.

Once you realize that you might in fact “fail” the pressure seems to fade away + you can take on life with more fun + ease.


4.  The Bold + Ballsy Are Highly Rewarded:

When you show up in the world with bold faith + take those plunges into the unknown, I have seen that the Universe rewards those actions handsomely.

From the outside, decisions that make absolutely no sense whatsoever are usually the ones where your soul is yearning to go. Follow your nudges + whispers of the heart, it is trying to tell you something, even if it looks totally illogical.


Don’t shy away from what you may “need” to learn along the way when you make a ballsy move – it’s all part of the journey.

For example, when I moved my family to Santa Barbara based SOUL-y on my faith + intuition, what transpired out there looked NOTHING like I thought it would. However, from the eyes of where I stand now, boy did I need that experience + I would do it again in a heartbeat, knowing who I became in the process of that experience.


Dream big + explore + jump + leave yourself wide open for the ride.


5.  Experiment: 

This is my favorite leap of faith – experiment.

I see life as one giant lab + experimenting is the name of the game.

Whenever I’m bogged down with what to choose + which path I want to go on, I end up reminding myself to EXPERIMENT.


You’re not stuck in anything + playing small does nobody any good.

Want to travel, but you don’t know where? Pick a place that excites you the most + go there. Don’t like the place you travelled to? Fly home. Sometimes we need contrast in our life to help us make the best decisions. Embrace the “problems.”

Want to try cutting out certain food? Stop eating that food, see how you feel. You can introduce it again into your palate.

Use the experimentation process as a clarity conductor to see what lights you up + choose from that energy.


You’re only stuck if you continue to judge yourself + stop choosing to experiment. Don’t make this shit difficult, ‘ya hear? 


Love + Flying Leaps of Faith,