5 Ways To Get A Grip On Life + Grow A Pair

5 Ways To Get A Grip On Life + Grow A Pair


Not only do I have some WTF moments, I also have dark flashes when all I really want to do is wiggle my nose like Samantha Stephens on Bewitched and start anew. Yep, sometimes I most definitely need to get a grip on life and grow a pair.

I will say that these times don’t stick around too long because of a couple tricks I have up my sleeve to help get a grip when I need one and/or grow a set of balls if that’s required, too. Because life is the real deal, yo.


5 Ways To Get A Grip On Life + Grow A Pair —   


  1. – Let It All Out:

Look, I spent most of my life holding everything in and priding myself on being an ice queen, until one day when my mom died, all the walls I built to keep myself “safe” actually caved in and began to suffocate me.

Ever since then (and many grief counseling sessions later) I’ve been a firm believer in feeling what I feel and then letting that shit go.

Holding it in actually keeps you stuck wherever you are emotionally. Even if you don’t want to let out an ugly cry and think the pain will bury you, let it – because you will still be breathing, dirt eventually washes away and guaranteed the sun will rise again.


  1. – Unleash The Muse

A part of letting it out for me is HOW I want to let it all out — Unleashing The Muse. We all have creative outlets that bring us joy – painting, horseback riding, writing, singing, dancing, numbering (that’s what I call what my husband does when he looks like John Nash in A Beautiful Mind). 🙂

Whatever you plug yourself into that turns you on and allows you to light up from the inside out – do that. Throw paint on a blank canvas, scribble gibberish in your journal, dance naked in your living room, stomp it out, shake it out, breathe it out…unleash the Muse and invite her (him) in, so she feels like she’s part of your healing.


  1. – Spill Your Guts

Spilling your guts can also be a part of unleashing the muse, but what I want to talk specifically about is therapy/healing modalities.

When my mom died when I was 24-years old, my life spiraled quickly out of control and I became Party Queen and the Commissioner of non-commitment. It wasn’t until I discovered and dove deep into grief counseling (like every Monday for months, grief counseling) that I began to piece myself back together and finally feel like a whole person again.

Spill your guts – to a soul sister, a counselor, a healer, a coach, a family member, or whomever you trust and can share your entire self with and do it as often as you can. Holding emotions in creates a volcano inside you, that, when erupts, blows ash and heat in every direction.


  1. – Crash The Comfort Zone

You hear the quotes about walking outside your comfort zone and that nothing magical happens INSIDE your comfort zone. And as someone who likes to live mostly outside her comfort zone, I’d agree completely with that statement.

Whenever we do something scary, we grow and growth is where the magic is at because we will never be the same again and we tend to learn so much about who we are.

You don’t have to skydive or become a nun to crash the comfort zone – follow your curiosity, take a plunge down rabbit holes and be open to being used up the Universe – because hot, sweaty and out of words is sometimes really sexy.


  1. INVOKE STUART SMALLEY: Forgive + Love Yourself

We might not all be affirmation swinging, mirror reflecting guru’s, but what we CAN be is loving and forgiving to ourselves – not only for the journey we’re on but everything that has brought us to where we are.

You made a mistake? So what.

Is it really a mistake, or a lesson in knowing yourself better?

You don’t like yourself? If you don’t love you, who the fuck will so start going on some dates with YOU and wine and dine your beautiful ass.

Forgive yourself first, so you can forgive others and love the shit out of YOU as often as possible!


Big Love + Getting A Grip + Growing Some Big Ones,



Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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