Grief – The Ultimate Permission-Giver

I thought I was losing my mind after my Pop’s died. No joke. I began to think the dementia that finally ravaged his brain, was about to do the same to mine. I couldn’t think straight, literally. My short-term memory was shot. Which sent me down the Google rabbit-hole where I found helpful articles that […]

10 Years

When we met, we both had 3 things in common —   We didn’t believe in the construct of marriage We never wanted kids And our love language was freedom   Cut-to 8 months later – there we were standing at the alter exchanging vows and dreaming of what our future kid would look like. […]

Order the groceries

My best 80’s hair has a hot grief tip for ya… Order your damn groceries 👊🏽 After The Vic went tits up (that was his way of expressing when someone died 😂), I found myself EXTREMELY overwhelmed, especially at the “little” things. I literally felt like I was going to break down and crawl into […]


It was a Monday; I buried dad in his light blue coffin – with full military honors – two weeks prior. I thought I was ready to do life. As I was driving my daughter to school, I pressed the gas pedal to go on a green light and the next thing I knew I […]