It’s Never Goodbye, It’s Only So Long…

My pops… The guy I talk (write) about all the time.  The dude who I said has the number one spot in my heart (even my hubs knew his ranking).  The man whose humor surpasses any comedian I’ve ever watched. And who rocked a raging case of CRS/Alzheimer’s like no other… Went tits up recently […]

What I Want My Daughter to Know About Life

Every year that I place another candle on my birthday cake I find myself pondering even more about death. I mean, I’ve always thought about death a lot. I suppose that happens when your mom flings up to the heavens in your 20’s. Or your dad is rockin’ that old age and dementia. Or maybe […]

Show Up. Tell Your Story.

I can’t say I recall ever wanting to be a writer. Even when I was little and kept a journal (you know the ones with the lock and key) + wrote silly stories — I didn’t think of being a full-on writer one day. But in 5th-grade that changed; I found a hunger in myself […]

When the Whistle Blows

I scurry to the kitchen from our bedroom like I’m a running back with my eye on the end zone. (Just to be clear, I had to Google what a running back actually does + I originally said “inzone” not end zone. THAT’S how much I know about football.) It’s a familiar scene in the […]