Pressure + The Snooze Button

I’m experimenting with something you probably know nothing about. Oh wait, you’re a human, so yeah, you probably know a lot about what I’m experimenting with: Pressure. (Don’t think for one second, I don’t automatically hear “Under Pressure” [Queen/David Bowie] and want to bust out a tune). You see, this whole experiment came about due […]


I’m officially 36-years-old. Those two numbers swing closer to 40-years-old + I’m cool with that. Call it luck of the parental draw, or my propensity to view most things through rose-colored glasses — I’ve been shown how to embrace + love another candle on the cake — thanks to my Pops (The Vic). This brazen […]

Dementia + Caregiving…My New Normal

It’s a little over a year now since I (the caregiving daughter) made the decision to place The Vic (my dementia-rockin’ dad) in a nursing home. Actually, the term used now is Community Living Center and he lives out his days in a “secured neighborhood” (say locked unit and you’ll get some looks and a […]