Why I Don’t Believe in Competition (Especially in Business)

I was 15-years-old and about to start my after-school job at the local gym my brother and his family owned. As I walked into work, members of the gym were asking me questions. “How come your brother’s talking to that guy in his office?” “What guy?” “The guy that owns the gym that other people […]

Should Every Business Have A Blog?

I was in high school when I overheard the TV in the background refer to Rosie O’Donnell and her “blog”. I was like, “What in the hell is a blog? That name already sounds like it’s doomed.” Boy, was I all sorts of wrong on that one. To get all nerdy on you, the term […]

I’m A Content Marketer?

We like to place labels on things, don’t we? I, personally, love placing things in their appropriate boxes in life. It makes me feel all accomplished. That may not always work out the best for me though, because I can get really stuck in certain boxes and eventually outgrow them. Like when I said I […]

Choosing Curiosity Over Comfort

We don’t always have it figured out, do we? I know, as a child, I thought I had my dreams narrowed down and that my mind would never change. Silly girl. Turns out, life has the greatest sense of humor. EVER. As the unassuming editor of my high school newspaper, I didn’t dream of being […]