On Calling People Out Publicly 

Almost a year ago, I completely went off Facebook. That might sound a touch odd coming out of my social media-laden mouth considering that’s basically what I do for a living — you know, help people build their online presence — via, you know, social media. Don’t worry, God, I’m laughing right now, too. Thanks. I could blame it on […]

5 Ways To Get A Grip On Life + Grow A Pair

Not only do I have some WTF moments, I also have dark flashes when all I really want to do is wiggle my nose like Samantha Stephens on Bewitched and start anew. Yep, sometimes I most definitely need to get a grip on life and grow a pair. I will say that these times don’t […]

How To Receive A Compliment (Illustrated By A Pre-Schooler)

It was a bright, yet crisp Saturday morning as she meandered into our bedroom with her white pajama shirt on backward and her pink and white socks pulled over her pants. This tiny Pre-Schooler looked like she just rolled out of a John Hughes movie beholding like Curly Sue with some major bedhead – a […]

On Acceptance: When Life Is A Literal Shit Show

I was straight up sobbing, but without the tears rolling down my cheeks, kind of sob. It looked more like the body cry where your shoulders are heave hoeing up and down uncontrollably like you’re dancing a jig. Yeah, that one. I’m standing on the bathroom rug, trying to hide my face in the crease […]