Clearing The Deck For Creativity

Clearing The Deck For Creativity


Have you ever had an idea strike you out of nowhere, or feel the creative muse saunter through your body like the lover it is?

When the spark hit, were you in the middle of doing something that didn’t allow you to run with this lightening bolt of inspiration?

— Hello, job to get to, kids to like, watch and stuff, food to prepare and a handsome hubs to squeeze and cuddle or desire to slap (depends on the moment really). –


I’ve recently been all amped up with creativity and feel my veins of inspiration pumping like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall.

As I was getting super festive and New Year’s Eve-y in my kitchen, I was blasted with loads of ideas and writing material as I was cooking. I thought well, this sure as hell isn’t the best time to quit what I’m doing and act on these hits (I don’t believe uncooked meat with a side of salmonella is what I was going for on the menu that night).

I also knew better than to blow that muse off because as Danielle LaPorte talks about in her book The Fire Starter Sessions, you have to move when the muse strikes.


I decided to do what I can with what I had…

Clearing The Deck

  • Instead of running off to write a blog in the middle of cooking – I wrote down the core ideas that hit me in that moment, so I could riff on them later. (And riff I did. I kept that jagged little paper and sat down to write with it when I made the time for writing).
  • I planned like a MoFo! And I’m like super serious about this one, more than I ever have been in my whole life. I bought my ass a planner, made an editorial calendar and a compatible schedule with my hubs to get my writing and work flowing and created. **This one is my favorite so far and working the best for me right now!
  • Did I say plan? Look, I’m all about inspired action and all that fairy and unicorn stuff, but when I stayed JUST in that space it didn’t work for me, so I had to add some planning and un-inspired action into the whole picture. Fairies + Unicorns + Grit + Grind = a feeling of elation, movement, progress and consistency!
  • Clear the deck for real. Who knows when the muse will strike, so I decided to do as much cooking, meal-prepping, cleaning, errands, etc. as I can in one short span as opposed to dragging it out. So, when I do get a new blog idea or writing prompt, I can (when appropriate) run to my computer and go to town on that bad boy.


What I’ve realized is that it doesn’t really matter HOW you show up with your creative hat on. What matters is that you SHOW UP. You don’t have to have a huge platform or sell out shows.

All you really need is some guts to move whatever is moving inside you and get it out. Whether that’s on a blank piece of canvas or dancing in your living room. Show up + let it out + rinse + repeat.


Love + Girthy, Creative Veins,



Photo by Ivars Krutainis on Unsplash

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