How I’m Making Summer my “Vacation”

I’m not gonna lie – when summer hit – so did my apprehension. 

The little daughter and I have had some bumpy roads in the past when it comes to seeing, ummmm, eye-to-eye. Why is it, that I am — sometimes — so scared of a tiny human?

My hubs reminds me it’s because we’re so much alike in our strong will and stubbornness, but I can’t help but think, “Can’t she hold off on that until she’s like 20?”

So, when that bell rang for the last time of her 1st-grade year I was equally excited for her and the fact that I didn’t have to take her to school every morning, pick her up every afternoon and do that whole morning routine thing – not to mention the lunches.

I mean. Why does it feel like I’m making 100 lunches when I’m making one, single, lunch…for a 7-year-old?

I digress.


You’re probably wondering why I’m so on edge over a little kiddo?

Well, it’s not entirely her.

I work freelance from home (aka – my laptop).

So, summer also means my coffee shop adventures and rock-solid Keli-Time was about to go out the Flat White window.

Bye-Bye double espresso.

Summertime had me nervous with how I was going to juggle my time being slashed by my little one being out of school.

Now, to be fair and honest, we have help. We have our own little village. Thank Sweet, Baby, J.

That means I can call on our family for support, but I still need a lot more time than weekends and a day or two here and there.

And considering I’m a whole lotta LET’S GET SHIT DONE – I was shaking in my mama boots a wee bit.

It wasn’t until about two or so weeks after summer started that I had a realization: I’m Going to Make This Summer my own “Vacation”!

After making schedules and to-do lists, I decided this shiz is for the birds and if my daughter’s sleeping in — so is mama.

And if my daughter’s on a less restricted timetable during the summer – so is mama.


How I’m Making Summer my “Vacation”


Once I realized I could give myself a little vacation right from my own home, this is what I’m experimenting with:

  • Sleep In – Now, I’d definitely call myself a morning person, but not waking up every morning to jump into the same routine eases me somehow. I think it’s because I get bored easily. Knowing I can sleep in a little bit and start my day on my own terms is helpful.


  • Stay Up — I’m definitely not in my 20’s anymore and don’t take well to all-night benders but staying up until 10 or 11 pm feels like a total rebel move on my part. I don’t always stay up late in the summer, but when I do, you better believe I feel like I’m on “vacation” when I do.


  • Treat Yo’self – Summer screams porch season for me. Give me a cold drink (preferably a cocktail or kombucha), patio and anything with salsa and guacamole and I’m basically like a kid that’s been transfixed by a new toy or good movie.


  • Be Like the Summer – In our neck of the woods, pool time and our local drive-in movie theater is all the summertime rage. And so is eating popsicles on the porch. So, what’s a mama to do? Bring my laptop to the pool (yes, I’m that cliché “laptop lifestyle” person, just minus the mansion and Mercedes Benz), and pack up some blankets and food and hit up the drive-in.



When summer hit I was resisting it because I knew I was going to have to change my schedule up.

And that frankly scared the bajeezers out of me because I felt like I was just getting my time back.

For the first time in ten years, I wasn’t a primary caregiver to my pops who’s rockin’ dementia.

As a family, we were in our second year of all-day school for the little one and settled into a routine.

And as a freelancer, I was now able to work my own schedule and have more than enough time to be creative – for myself and my clients.

When I decided to stop resisting and began embracing what is, I was able to place the power back into my mother-loving hands. That’s right.

It took me some time to be aware that bloody hell, I’m a freelancer for a reason; I make my own damn schedule.

And although I had my routine in place and I was going to have to adjust it – I had to remember that that was a privilege in itself.

If that meant working in the evening a little more, or in intervals – I was ok with that – because I knew it was temporary.

And even though I’m the type of mom that needs healthy breaks from her child, I was so down with living it up in a way I never have with my daughter.

Whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, or work at a particular job and struggle with the summer and your schedule being hijacked by your kid(s) – I’m hugging you right now.

And may the Summer God’s smile upon you – whether you’re slinging your laptop around, or juggling summer camp – may your village be robust and your coffee be strong.

Love + Sleeping In,


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