How To Embrace Your Child



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When she came busting in the shower today to show me her “fancy” outfit, I truly couldn’t wait to slide the shower door open and see what she had on, but it wasn’t always like that. 


For a time, she + I would argue over her outfits – she loved anything mismatched + dressed up in full regalia – while I loved all things simple & put together.


I would stand there with a tinge of repulse when she would string together her outfit, but I knew that wasn’t serving either of us.


As I started peeling back the onion of WTF was up with ME – I realized I was scared of what other parents would think of my child dressed the way she was + well, what kind of parent lets her kid out of the house like that, geezo!


And of course, deep down, I knew that was so bullshit, so I started accepting my daughter’s clothing choices exactly as she is: wild + fancy!


I wanted her to be excited about the way she chose to express herself + not be met with a mom that “didn’t approve.”


Of course, life is cyclical and I also remembered, in perfect timing, that I was in fact, the same damn way!

I knew suppressing her creativity was soul death. 


So, now, when she dresses herself + walks in the bathroom to show me her outfit (shoes on wrong feet + all) – she is met with cheers & love…


Because THAT is who she is in that moment – FIERCE + FAB and may we all be celebrated for who we are in each moment.


Love + Loving Her Fierce and Fabness,