How To Make Your Half-Ass, Kick-Ass


For the past 6 months or so, I put my “Health Coaching Hat” up and played in some other roles that spoke to me. But, recently I have been ready to bust out my Health Coaching gear, roll up my sleeves and dig into all things foodie and green again.

I tapped out suddenly and abruptly from Holistic Health Coaching and I am now better equipped with awareness of why I had a sudden drop off.

I think, scratch that, I KNOW you have probably felt what I’m about to talk about, so let’s bust through some shiz together, shall we?

Cool, let’s dance.


So, I launched my coaching practice loaded with maaaaa-jor health knowledge, inspiration and a cape to save the world from GMO’s, non-organic food, chemicals and all things that come straight out of a box. 

How sweet I thought I was. But, ‘ya know what else I was armed with?

Judgement. A whole whopping tub of it actually.


Yep. My “understanding” of all things food and health equaled me becoming a lean, mean, green-loving biotch.

I was packing a heavy dose of “what the fuck are you thinking eating that” which wreaked of more criticism – when I saw someone (or myself thinking of) eating a hunk of meat – than Simon Cowell on American Idol.


Coming from someone who prides herself on not being judgmental, I was swimming in Judgment Ocean and the waves were ferocious and I was having trouble keeping my head above water.

You see the waves weren’t always so rocky. However, it all began when I started labeling myself vegan and then wanting to bitch slap myself if I wanted some cheese, or a juicy, grass-fed burger.


“Hell no” I would shout to myself as I dreamt of blue cheese crumbles on my salad and as I saw others freely choosing these “lactose intolerant, acne ridden” pretty little crumbles – I got pissed….

Pissed that I wasn’t allowing myself to indulge like “they” are.

Pissed that I had to be so “healthy” (I had to set a good example for my clients, right)?

Pissed that I wasn’t giving myself permission to choose.

Pissed that I was doing this “box and label” thing.


And ‘ya know the crazy thing? I flippin’ knew better. Or, at least I thought I did.

So, what’s a pissed off cheese lover to do?

Explore. Follow the pain. Get to the root. Shadow work, bitch.


Are you ready for the unicorn shitting roses moment?

I was.


And what I decided to do was drop the judgment, bless the journey and have a piece of pizza.

And it felt good. Really good.

So good I decided to experiment with more food, as every body is different, and it shall be treated as such.

I opened myself up to choice, to exploration, to experimentation, to wiggle room, to love, to enjoying the journey.


I learned to be okay with kicking ass “half way” by:

  • getting down on some greens and adding a little blue cheese crumbles
  • being okay with forgetting to have my green smoothie for the day and overdosing on lemon water
  • choosing a grass-fed burger over a veggie burger at a restaurant
  • not cooking and eating organic soup out of a can (gasp!)
  • indulging in the homemade, comfort food when at family gatherings AFTER I hovered over the fruit and veggie plate

Liberation, baby. Sweet bliss.


So, here I am now – more aware, more awake, more loving, more ME.

And more then ready to help you kick ass whatever way you want to!

Because I’d rather kick ass half way by choosing love than judge my way to whole by choosing fear.


I want to hear from you:

Where have you judged yourself and how are you choosing to kick-ass half way?


Infinite Love + Kicking-Ass,

Keli Conci


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