How To Stop Serving Yourself A Plate Of Powerlessness.


When you begin a diet aren’t you just pumped as hell to have a “new you”?

You think you found that perfect diet and this one is going to pave the way to that “you” inside that has been screaming to come out.


Well, when we begin a new diet what we are really doing is giving ourselves a butt load (I’m talkin’ baby-got-back size) of hope. 

Hope for a slimmer ass, hope for that guy to like us, hope for enhanced self-esteem, hope for a fresh start, and hope to feel better, hope for a new life.


But, what we don’t realize we are doing is giving away our power to what we think is the almighty Paleo, Vegan, Raw, High Protein God’s which will save us from what we are just not willing to acknowledge yet: that we are way more powerful than we think we are.


Now, I’m not saying that experimenting with these diets are “wrong” or you shouldn’t try them.

Lord knows once I scaled back the dairy and chose more plant based foods my world flipped upside down and I began riding unicorns (well, kinda), and my stomach aches were optional (to dairy or not to dairy I have to ask myself). 


And if it wasn’t for my introduction into the vegan world by Alicia Silverstone’s “The Kind Diet” and Kris Carr’s “Crazy Sexy Diet” it might have taken me a couple more flare-ups in the kitchen and some major charring of kale chips if I did not have their golden nuggets of books and wisdom. 


What I am saying is…

Way before you choose that “diet” which you are ready to put all of your hope and power in, put it in YOURSELF first.


Because what ends up happening is you start diet jumping and “falling off the wagon” due to ridiculous standards you put on yourself and hopes that this diet will solve all of your body issues, food problems and maybe some daddy difficulties as well.


What if you used all of the foodie literature as tools and resources instead of plugging your power source into the almighty of diet fads?

Until you are ready to dig deep and start peeling back some layers in your life around food it will always be an issue for you.


And diet jumping will just be one big part of that cycle and your next savior will be right around the corner in the next diet to come out, and the next diet you will start and most likely quit due to not owning your own power.


How fucking fun is that? None, I hope. 

Or maybe it is some sort of pain you like to put yourself through in situating yourself on the hamster wheel of dieting.

But, I’m thinkin’ you are really over that…like two diets ago over that, yeah?


If right now, deep down you want to kinda punch me, that’s a good thing because it means a cord was struck and there is a hint of truth in there for you.

Follow what you are feeling, allow it to bubble and even fester and if you have to throw something or scream – do it. 


Because part of creating movement into your power is owning your feelings and moving them in a way that tickles your soul; learning to dance with your feelings is a whole lot different than dancing around them babies.


Move. Scream. Shout. Shake. Two-step. Conga. Grab a partner (coach, therapist, friend, lover, book, journal).

And don’t stop shakin’ what yo mama gave you until you feel better, lighter… ’cause a soul release is waaaay healthier than a fridge binge, ya dig?


And while you are choosing the power train check out these life hacks:

  • Fall in love with yo’self. Sounds corny I know, but it’s true because when you absolutely adore and love something you only want the best for it. Not that fatal attraction stuff people…hug yourself or somethin’. 
  • Drop the judgment – of yourself, of others – NOW. Like yesterday. Judgment kills everything especially possibility, so drop it like it’s hot. And pick up a heaping dose of love.
  • Feel what you are feeling. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Feel what you are feeling. And dance it out. 



Alright, I would love to hear from you if you’re in the midst of experiencing placing your power in diets and outside of yourself.

If this speaks to you, leave a comment below on how you are taking your power back and what has come up for you in doing so. 



Love + Learning,


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