I Don’t Want to Live My Life Through Instagram Captions

Why’d you just throw your phone on the couch?” The hubs questions me…a bit concerned.

I shot him straight: “I get sucked into the black hole of social media, I can’t stop scrolling and then when I’m done going unconscious, I feel like shit. So, I chuck my phone at the couch in defiance.

Ummmmm, ok…if that works for you…more power to you,” that smarty-pants remarks with a chuckle.

Except it doesn’t fucking work for me.

Like at all.

I Don’t Want to Live My Life Through Instagram Captions

You know how it goes…you’re moving along in your day…you literally stop to smell the roses and think, “Oh boy, I need to capture these pretty red things on Instagram.”

Pull out phone. Shoot. Click. Upload. Caption…

And wait for the comments and likes.

That’s how I was living my life — notice something, write a caption in my head, make it pretty (aka: throw on that filter)…

And then sit back while I  wrapped my worth in wondering how bangin’ I wrote a caption or not. 

Was I funny enough?

Did I showcase my wit here?

Is this profound enough?

Talk about driving yo’self bat-shit crazy.

In my mind, something drastic had to happen.

Cue the scene where dust kicks up and a lonely woman’s walking down the street to some new destination…except not sooooo dramatic for me…and you sure as hell won’t find me walking down a lonely-ass highway.

For a few years now, I’ve contemplated quitting social media.

Every time I have this major social media consideration I wonder how I can quit social media – for myself – and run an online business.

I mean, isn’t that part of running a successful online business – a bangin’ social media presence?

And holy buckets of cold water, let’s not even get on the topic train that my minor in college is Social Media Marketing.

What the actual French toast?

Here’s where things get even fuzzier (like the murky water you can’t even see your toes in) – I manage my client(s) social media accounts.

Like full on; graphic design, social media captions, schedule, post, engage – the holy bloody social shabang!

And get this…

I don’t hate it.

I actually enjoy it for other people – just not for me.

To make things even cloudier, I believe in social media.

I believe in the power it has to connect people (especially business with their audience/clients).

Heck, my hubs found his bio dad (and half-sister) on Facebook – the power is palpable.

I don’t HATE social media.

I just hate how I feel after I use it (for me, personally).

And life is way too damn short to have those feelings for something I use on a consistent, daily basis.

So, I decided to take a social media detox that turned into a break.

And I haven’t returned from that break yet.

I’m not sure if I ever will.

But right now, I’m not throwing my phone on the couch anymore and I’m not waking up to a zombie scrolling session on Instagram.

Insta was my drug no doubt.

I’m learning how to reconcile running a blog and offering freelance writing/content marketing services without having social media to spread those Keli Conci words.

I can tell you my time is spent actually writing now and not allowing my thumb to take another scrolling hit off of Instagram.

Oh, and not viewing life through what “profound/funny” thing I was going to caption on Instagram.

Life and Business Beyond Instagram Captions  

So, what comes of trying to run a blog and offer freelance services without social media?

Honestly, for me, I’m not totally sure…yet.

Trust me, I’m not the first freelancer or writer to say, “Peace the hell out, social media.”

Writer – and one of my biggest inspo’s for taking the flying leap off of social media – Alexandra Franzen decided to quit social media (years ago) and hasn’t used it since.

If she can do it by golly, so can I.

I want to focus on my writing, on telling damn-good stories, going deeper than a snippet or a caption. 

I want to peel the layers of life in story-form, not just highlight the good in a short-lived Instagram shot.

Give me the pretty, the downright ugly and everything in between — even the things that end up leaving scars and a bloody mess to clean up…

Because that’s real life and I’ll take more of that, please. 

Love + Letting Go, 


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