If You Feel Stuck + Out Of Sorts – Read This.


Ever have the feelings of dread and uncertainty?

Very human feelings to have, right?


Recently, I received a text message from a really close loved one, someone whom I hold dear, dear, dear to my heart – which basically stated that they dread their job, feel stuck and out of sorts, yet they can’t exactly place “why” they feel the way they do.

And, with their permission, I’m going to share with you the convo I had with that person, so if you have these feelings, this might be the blog for you!

I know many of you (myself included) have felt this way, so no more feeling alone + I give you my spin on getting unstuck.


Here is the actual(ish) conversation:

Loved One: I’m having a weird day…I honestly haven’t felt this way in a long time.

Me: Oooooh, I’m sorry! Feel it, let it move through you!

Loved One: I’m dreading this job now that I’m placed in a new area…I guess I am feeling confused because I don’t know what it means.

And like last night, I felt pretty defeated and I couldn’t place it then, but now I’m feeling like I felt that way because I was feeling like I’m stuck here again and don’t know how to get out.

Me: I hear you – maybe old memories, feelings of how it was when you were there before?

And you are no way stuck – KNOW THAT!

Loved One: And it’s not that it’s miserable, but it’s definitely not my grandest vision for my life.

Me: Perhaps you are feeling a call now to grow beyond where you are!

So, take these feelings of lack-luster + start “working” on what you DO want to create in your life + be totally grateful for the journey along the way!

And don’t get lost in your head! You truly have to choose something + run with it! You can change along the way, but you have to have a vision to move you forward.

Loved One: I guess that’s where I freak out…I don’t have a clear vision really, I just know I don’t want to be here forever…I have some resistance to monetizing stuff.

So much resistance!

Me: Follow that resistance – that’s where the magic is.

Explore it. Make Love to it – that resistance – your “answers” are usually locked away in there!

Loved One: I don’t know what my value is…

Me: Your VALUE is YOU!

Do NOT make this more complicated than it is.

But, you gotta work through your own personal blocks you have right now.

Loved One: I’m trying not to but I really have no idea where to start I think I’m still processing my feelings on all of this.

Me: No doubt. All I know is it’s a balance of processing + action – because action bitch punches fear – I wrote a blog about it. LOL.

Read it sometime. 

Loved One: I almost feel like I have 6 months to live + I certainly don’t want it to be divided up here in this job, but I can’t think reactively like that, so I’m confused lol – thanks for the chat though. I gotta get back to work now!


Does this conversation sound familiar to you? I think, especially nowadays, there is this feeling of wanting to define your “purpose” + I have been down that rabbit hole waaaaaay too many times to count.

I’m no guru on the idea of “purpose”, but I’ve come to this really sweet place now where I don’t place my value in what I DO, but rather in how I BE.


I ask myself, “What would Love do?” And I try to act according to what my heart spews at that moment in time. It hasn’t led me astray yet (only when I don’t listen to it of course).


And a side note on playing small:

Do you have to be backed into a corner – your whole world crashing down on you – before you decide to show the fuck up in life + play full out?

I’ve learned that taking consistent, inspired action is where it’s at to move a dream forward because if you aren’t showing up for yourself – who the hell else will?

You are not stuck + you don’t have to figure everything out right away – clarity comes through action + consistency (and a load of prayer and meditation).


Keep. Showing. Up.

Work through your energetic leaks.

Allow the magic to fester + erupt.

And most of all, feel good along the way.



Love + What Would Love Do,


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