I’m A Content Marketer?

We like to place labels on things, don’t we?

I, personally, love placing things in their appropriate boxes in life. It makes me feel all accomplished.

That may not always work out the best for me though, because I can get really stuck in certain boxes and eventually outgrow them.

Like when I said I was going to be a famous actress (my name is not up in the lights, y’all. Only on the website type of lights—if that counts).

A box I have yet to outgrow is writing.

Writing is a place of solace (especially when I was younger, and I started every journal entry with, “Dear Diary…” I seriously thought that was so cool).

And it’s also a place where I continue to learn about myself and this crazy thing called life.

So, imagine the surprise when I began to discover that I reeeeaaaalllly love digital marketing and more than that, I reeeeeaaaallllly love to write copy for businesses and brands.

I fell in love with writing newsletters and blogs.

I have this thrill that gets my heart all warm and tingly when I open up my laptop and I can’t wait to dig into some mean-ass research and word-slinging for the content I get to create.

Over time, I’ve learned there are so many facets of digital marketing and niche’s to uncover.

And it didn’t take me long to come to understand a kind of marketing that I was doing (but didn’t know I was doing): Content Marketing. 

What is Content Marketing?


Neil Patel (Marketer Extraordinaire) explains, “…content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis.”


What does this high-quality content look like?

Blogs. Newsletters. Social Media. Infographics. Ebooks. Guides. Videos. Podcasts. Content you can produce that isn’t a billboard basically.

And, consistently, you show up with that content and over time you gain your audiences “know, like and trust” factor.

Your audience has the opportunity to “know” you through your quality content and decide whether or not they “like” it enough to stick around and if they do stay, then you get to gain their “trust”  — and in turn, eventually, they might buy a product(s) or service(s) from you.

That is the idea for content marketing: consistent (think weekly blog/bi-monthly newsletter/daily social media posting), quality content that is geared toward educating and entertaining your audience.

Content marketing is much different than advertisement marketing because content marketing plays the long game. There’s no short game strategy with this type of marketing – and there shouldn’t be.

Michele Linn explains, “Content marketing is educational, not promotional,” and points out, “…content marketing takes a lot of work, persistence, and patience – and it’s not for everyone.”

Can I get an, “Amen?!” 

Why I Love Content Marketing

This concept of creating consistent, quality, educational, long-game strategic content is what I’m all about.

If I’m going to label myself anything in the marketing industry I’ll proudly wear those big ole CM (Content Marketer) initials proudly.

That’s the type of marketing I can get behind, especially when it’s done in a non-sleazy (no click-bait headlines and crappy content), yet effective way.

I didn’t realize that my love of writing, storytelling, and digital marketing could collide like it has with content marketing and content writing.

Not only does this tickle my writing brain, it also plays with my highly strategic and optimizing way of thinking when it comes to marketing.

I’m A Content Marketer? Why Yes I Am. 

And so are you, if you want to be.

This post isn’t all about me peeling back my own layers of discovering what content marketing is — this is also about YOU understanding what content marketing is. 

If you run a business and are hell-bent on providing the best information to your clients, customers, and audience, then you might want to consider the use and implementation of this type of marketing.

It’s easy to throw up an advertisement or billboard and call it marketing.

It’s a whole other paleo enchilada to show up nearly daily and weekly — digitally — with content that keeps your audience shouting (or silently thinking), “We want more!”

More blogs that educate, more newsletters they look forward to in their inbox, more likelihood of pressing the “follow” button because they don’t want to miss what you’re putting out into the online world.

Questions to ponder if you’re a business and believe in playing the long-game in marketing:

  • How can I provide the most informative and entertaining content to my audience?
  • What channels and/or platforms (blog, email, graphics, social media, podcast, etc.) can I utilize to get this content to my audience?
  • Practically, how consistent can I be with this content and how committed can I be to seeing this plan through?
  • How will I execute this content marketing plan — will you write the content? Have an in-house marketing team? Hire a freelancer?

Whether you choose to implement content marketing as part of your digital blueprint for your business or not — know that it’s an option and a long-term strategy to nurture your audience, as well as give back in a way that feels damn good!

Love + Loving This Label, 


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