I’m Coming Out Of My Digital (Marketing) Closet

What happens when you change?

Do you tell everyone you know about your recent “change” and what the hell it’s all about?

Do you throw a big ole coming out party?

Or, do you keep it to yourself and let the change reveal itself over time because if you’ve “changed” then people will notice something different about you, eh?

Well, I can be a little trigger happy when it comes to revealing something that is setting my soul on fire, so I’ve learned to dive in, roll around in it and then decide whether this “thing” is for me or not.

(Multi-passionate people out there — can I get an amen?!)

However, now, I can fully say that I’m here to shout this “change” from the rooftops!

Or the computer screen. Whatever.

So, what’s this “change” I’m hootin’ and hollerin’ about over here?


Coming Out Of My Digital (Marketing) Closet

Well, I’m an official member (is that such a thing?) of the digital marketing world.

(Actually have been for quite some time).  

What does that really mean?

That I speak Internet marketing lingo and people pay me to help them create (fun, outside-the-box) content and marketing for their business.  

So if you see my eyes rolling back in my head when I’m talking to you, that means an idea hit my noggin’ and I’m practicing my own idea of transcendence and probably crafting a social media caption, or a blog post, or a newsletter in my head (good lord this sounds like I need to meditate or something).


What-the, why-the, you ask?

Pull up a chair, Sister.

The digital marketing short version of why:

Because writing’s in my bones and now I get to parlay that into content writing/marketing and storytelling for business owners.

Also, have you ever felt a subtle push from the Universe (God/Source/Whatever You Call It) that you just can’t ignore?

That’s this chapter of my life: I’ve been leaning into the gentle nudge and now I’m integrating.

Actually, I’ve been serving clients with digital marketing services for a while now, I just hadn’t announced it (officially) to the Interwebs.

Not to mention, since The Vic (my pops who has dementia) is happy and stable at his new home (after ten years of caregiving for me) — I have the actual time to devote to a career again. Go, team!

Damn, life is a trip.


The digital marketing long version of why:

Over the last seven years it seems as if I’ve been in an ongoing online business school (actually I am a graduate of Marie Forleo’s B-School) and digital marketing internship. Except, I thought I was the one that needed to be front and center, but what was really happening was I was holding space and helping CEO’s and visionaries build their business online.

Once I moved out of my own way, I realized I had all of this information and applied knowledge that could contribute to a business owners marketing. So I had to jump in and do the damn thang.

But, what I realized along the way is that I loved working with people who were willing to step outside the box, use their voice and show up in their own unique way.

When working with business owners, I saw formulas being applied to marketing, yet the “formula” and the real-deal biz owner was so not in alignment.

So, we would scratch formulas and rewrite our own damn strategy – that worked in alignment and integrity with the vision of the business — not the 7-step rules or the quick and easy path.

We decided to play the long game and that’s where I fell in love with the synergy of working with entrepreneurs and aligning their visions with content and marketing that is right and true to their brand.

Because we don’t live in an episode of Mad Men any more people (cue the liquor being poured neat).

In a long-version nutshell: we do digital marketing that’s consistent, not sleazy and hella authentic (because sleep is important, and nobody has time to stay awake thinking about crappy marketing).


So, what does that mean for KeliConci.com?


Nothing too drastic.

I’m shifting some of my writing to more of a digital content/marketing focus, but the theme of showing up in life, using your voice, experimenting and growing a pair will still be interwoven throughout.

I have thoughts on doing digital marketing your own damn way (hence the tagline, “Less formulas – more being wildly human”) and I will share those in blogs.

I’ve also added services so entrepreneur’s (or anyone thinking about starting a business) who dig coloring outside the lines in marketing and/or want to find their voice and use it – have the opportunity to work with me.

You could say I just added another topic to talk about when it comes to living your life out loud. This is a new adventure and I don’t have all the answers, but I will sure as hell share this digital marketing journey with you — and share all the ups and downs, bumps and bruises and life lessons along the way! 

And pssst – you don’t have to have a business to use your voice (if that’s something you want to do). Start a blog, get on social media, spark a conversation with someone…

Because it’s no fun to be in the closet by yourself.

Love + Busting Doors Off Closets,