Investing In Cryptocurrency and Your Relationship

Very Grounded Hubs: “Hey babe, can we dump all of our savings into cryptocurrency? I’m really feeling like that’s what we need to do with our investing. I can make this happen today.”

Highly Whimsical + Impulsive Wife: “The hell you say? Ummm…I’m just gonna talk you off of that ledge right quick, ok? Thanks.”

That’s a conversation I had with my very, very practical, super grounded Hubs one day. Honestly, I couldn’t believe I was the one trying to be all down-to-earth and not walking with my head in the clouds. He caught me off guard with that one…

Because you see, I’m the crazy one in the relationship.

And by crazy, I mean, the crazy that gets enough alcohol in her and does yoga in a bar and then breaks for some karaoke.

The crazy that quits her cushy State job, opens up a Health Coaching practice and then tells her husband, “I’m moving to Santa Barbara, California with or without you…because it’s what my soul needs to do.”

My Hubs has always likened our relationship to him being a kite trying to steer a Boeing 757 on a string. It just doesn’t – you let the plane do its thing.

He also likens us to the immovable object and unstoppable force. And I don’t entirely disagree with that one.

When we met — on an elevator going to work —and started dating, we quickly realized that we both shared three very staunch ideals: we didn’t believe in marriage or having kids and we fiercely believed in cultivating personal freedom and independence.

I don’t know if that was the inevitable glue that helped us stay together with that pressure being off, but I know that when we both expressed our anti-marriage and kids views and freedom-flying flags — I exhaled. Like that exhale when you get a test back and you got an A when you thought you failed it. That kind of sigh.

Eight months after seeing “Taken” together, we married.

Eleven months after we married and said our own vows to each other, we welcomed our daughter into this world.

What a magnificent eating of words, eh?

We may have scratched our no marriage or kids policy, but we’ve tried our asses off to maintain that freedom within ourselves that courses through our warrior veins.

I’ll never forget, when we were dating, we watched “Into The Wild” together and I felt that that movie just flat out got me.

After we watched the movie, we recapped the whole story and I started feeling super wanderlusty, “What if I said I want to move to Denver again?”

He thought for a second, “I think you do what you have to do. I’m not going anywhere.” And I knew he meant it. Insert another holy sigh.

I felt like I could be a million percent me, Keli — crazy and all — and he’d withstand the storm; he would stand in the rain with me and most of all, he knew the sun would inevitably shine again — through whatever we would go through in our relationship.

The branches might fall off and get swept up by the wind, but warmer weather would happen, clouds would break and things would be whole again…if you were just patient enough to weather the storm.

The Hubs has always played the long game so well. As you can see.

And that was never truer than when I hightailed our asses to Santa Barbara on a whim and we came back home to Colorado less than a year later, with our health and each other, but not much else. We blew through our savings and it was time to rebuild — from the ground up. And that we did. Brick by brick, together.

Not once did my husband make me feel bad for that decision, or question my sanity (perhaps he should have? Ha!) He supported me and our little family and we grew stronger together from that experience.

It turned out we both needed that California sun to teach us some things about ourselves.

What the crypto? 

So there I was sitting on our bed listening to my husband make his cryptocurrency case for investing our cash-money.

Of course, initially, I thought he was bat-shit crazy — just as I’m pretty sure he thought I was plenty of times in our marriage. Especially since we went through what we did with our Santa Barbara journey.

I really had to check if he was febrile.

Turns out, he’s super sane and had a damn good case and did his due diligence on all things Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

I, on the other hand, know what a squirrel might know about all things crypto, so I tuned in to what he was saying.

And then it hit me: this dude has totally supported my wild dreams (even and especially when they didn’t make sense) and I’m throwing kerosene on his investing dreams?

Nah, homegirl, let’s do this differently. And so I did.

I trusted what he had to say and I did a bit of my own homework on the whole cryptocurrency scene and we sat on the decision for awhile and then made some decisions that we both could live with.

I supported his dreams. 

Just because they didn’t look like my traveling escapades, that didn’t’ mean it wasn’t important to him. It sure as hell was, or he wouldn’t be placing so much time and energy into it.

I realized that I wasn’t just investing in his dreams — more than anything — I was investing in our relationship by supporting his endeavors…

Because ships don’t sink from the weight of your dreams, they sink from holes we refuse to acknowledge.

Love + Looking At Holes, 


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