Leah Remini + Scientology + The Importance of Truth-Telling

Leah Remini + Scientology + The Importance of Truth-Telling



You know that saying, “Mama didn’t raise no fool?”

That’s what I thought this weekend when low and behold those damn online, 24-hour streaming majiggies like Netflix and Hulu got me again. But this time, I fooled them.

How? I’m sure you’re scratching your head in pure wonderment right now.

I gave in. Yep, that’s what I did. Straight-up laid down like a dog, curled up in my sherpa from Costco that I won’t let anyone near, and said quietly to Hulu, “You win Homie. Take me; I’m yours’.”

Take that you time-suckers, you.

Instead of Fabio tickling me with his luscious locks and whisking me away on his white horse, the scene looked more like a remote in one hand, coffee in another and my eyes intently glued to the A&E Series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.


Leah Remini + Scientology

Holy mother of emotional rollercoaster watching that show! If you haven’t seen it, well, grab a comfy seat and buckle up for a ride that is ripe with sadness, anger and hopefully triumphs.

And if you’re currently a Scientologist reading this right now and wanting to escape, please press the CTL+ALT+Delete keys on your computer now and fucking run. No, but seriously whatever bat signal you need to put out, do it.

That’s how I felt after watching this riveting, eye-opening first season of this series. Leah Remini is holding nothing back for The Church of Scientology — the Church she devoted her entire life to but began to question when things didn’t add up and she eventually parted ways with them in 2013. Her bravery for leaving and then continuously speaking up has created a ripple effect for other Scientologists who left the church to feel not only validated but in a position to help others just by speaking out about it.

What does this say about Scientology? Cults? Programming of the mind?


After I finished watching the series I told my husband, “If we teach our daughter anything…it has to be to think for herself.” Although I’m pretty sure the fact that she litigates with me on everything from her breakfast to her bedtime, I’ll take her obstinance over obedience right now I suppose.

When does “in the name of love” become “because I said so”?

When does curriculum turn into programming?

When does the line blur between devotion and oppression?



Bravo to Leah Remini for standing up to The Church of Scientology and using her voice and platform to help others. When someone speaks their truth it sets off a wave of other truth-telling and may that be the light that is carried forth.

That is the importance of truth-telling.

What truth are you ready to tell (even if it’s just to yourself)?


Love + Lose Lips, 


Judge less, love more
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