My Best Life and Business Advice

Don’t you love when you start doing something that you think you’re a complete badass at, yet you find yourself kind of “failing” at it miserably?

Things go wonky, you’re not yourself and the next thing you know, you find yo sweet self face down in a carton of non-dairy ice cream (yes, I said non-dairy because I don’t need a stomach ache ON TOP OF self-loathing) or going to town on some chicken wings that didn’t stand a chance of having leftovers.

Thank sweet baby J, I see times in my life where I feel like I’m flailing my arms in deep water as a sign of growth (and the fact that I am, indeed, still alive and breathing).

Those times (and I’m sure many more to come in the future) have led me to some of the best life and business lessons. 

Husband Truth-Slappers

You see, when I first started out in the online business world I began making videos for my YouTube channel.

I thought I was gonna go all fame-status with one bloody YouTube video (hilarious, right?)

I wrote a script for what I was going to say and had everything planned out for the video(s).

I enlisted my hubba-wubba husband to help me and (thankfully) he obliged.

The minute he pressed “play” on the video and told me “start talkin’, woman” – I was transported back to Broadcasting School and became a full-on reporter.

The hubs was baffled.

He stopped the video and basically was like, “Ummm, hello, Keli, are you in there? Who are you trying to be? You’re not a robot. You have personality – let’s see it!” (I love when he gives me a good ole’ truth-slap).

And that’s all I needed – someone to recognize that I was being all stiff, and waaaaaaay beyond professional – to help me see that wasn’t the real Keli at all.

Besides, I was trying to make videos on holistic health coaching, not “How to be professional on camera.” I laugh now thinking about this.

After that experience, I started all of my writing/projects/content out with one question: “If I’m doing my business and life my own damn way, what would this (fill in the blank – blog/video/website/etc.) – look like?”

And I started creating everything I did from that point on with that question and mindset.

Because I’d rather build a life and business that allows me to be one gazillion percent Keli and attract people from that field of genuineness, than building a foundation on a “safe” cookie-cutter platter.

My Best Life and Business Advice

Just like the times I’ve stumbled through questioning who the hell I really am and how do I show up 100% as me, I find myself saying, “Yo, woman, Be Keli” and that usually does the trick.

It does the trick because that’s all I know how to be (and so do you).

It can take so much more work to fit in, act like someone you’re not and try and “prove” yourself to someone.

So, my best life and business advice?


Now don’t yell “bullshit” at me because, honestly, who isn’t spewing “be yourself” everywhere today? It’s become cliché, I know.

“Be yourself” is more than advice though.

It’s a lifetime commitment to yourself.

To how you show up in life and how you do business.

Because I’d rather build a life and business on the foundation of “Keli” than a shrine to someone I’ve never been or will ever be.




Love + Truth-Slapping Partners,  


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