A Few Nuggets For The New Year

Have you ever seen a Tasmanian devil spinning around so fast you see smoke coming out of their ear?

No? Me neither.

That is until the last few days when I started resembling that furry creature with rapid movement.

I feel a surge and a pull to clear everything off the deck and blast into the New Year like the rock star I’m pretty sure I was in a past life.

I don’t know where the energy is coming from, but let me tell ya, I’m gonna ride this donkey as far as I can because it feels like fuel instead of sludge – that’s why.

And really, isn’t this the time of the year when we’re trying to clean stuff out and get all junk-free and clarity driven about life, goals, desires, visions, etc.?


Whatever you’re “feeling” before we head into the New Year (and even if you’re reading this AFTER the New Year) – what I’ve found true for myself is this:

Every moment is a “New Year” – we start anew all the damn time whether we realize it or not. START on New Year’s Day, start tomorrow, start NOW – it’s the act of beginning that sets the motion forward. As Nike lays it down so simply, Just Do It.


Here’s a few nuggets for the New Year I’ve picked up that’s been super useful for jumpstarting my ass when I’m in a rut, or moving me along to propel my growth, so I don’t sit there and shrivel like a raisin:

Prayer – I know it may sound so simple, but that’s the beauty of prayer; so unassuming, yet so profound.

I recall times when I’ve literally cried out to God/Universe/Source/Whatever-The-Soup-Of-The-Day-Is and pleaded for help in desperation. And usually by the end of the day or soon after, that plea has been answered in some Divine way I could never imagine.

Underestimating prayer is like rooting for the “winning” team every time; the underdog is called that for a reason – keep swinging and see what shows up.


Pattern Disruption – My life can get super flippin’ monotonous. And I say that with a heaping side of gratitude served with a pint of beer made with the finest Rocky Mountain ingredients.

Whenever I feel like I’m retracting into my imposed turtle shell and want nothing more than to scream and throw myself on the bed because I reeeeaaallllly don’t feel like repeating myself for the 10,000th time today…

I try and do something to disrupt my monotony.

What the hell does that look like?

  • Getting up earlier (not gonna lie, that’s a toughie.)
  • Going to bed later.
  • Driving a different route home.
  • Trying a new food or drink.
  • Calling for back-up (hello grandparents, family – the white flag is up for help.)
  • Girls Night + Soul Chats – you heard me, those things can work wonders.
  • Retail Therapy – I may not buy anything, but just the act of getting out of the house and being able to singly focus my mind on tangible items in front of me helps to reenergize my world.
  • Blank Space – when in doubt, do nothing.
  • Travel – weekend away anyone?
  • Move that body!
  • Pick up a book off the shelf and start reading the sucker.
  • Try a new meditation.
  •  Journal it all out and leave everything on the pages.
  • BREATHE! A few deep inhales and exhales really reset my entire mind, body and soul. Try it.

Once I’ve got the motor runnin’ and I’m feeling all energy-fueled for rocket launch, these two things have been a favorite of mine to keep me in the flow:

:: Planner/Calendar

I bow to the holiness of All Things Magical when I write what I’m thinking or needing to do down and then execute (with my dandy planner) like a MoFo!

Seriously, this shiz works for me, yo.

I’m a paper and pen/pencil type of gal, but experiment with whatever works for you – digital or paper – it’s all magic.



My 2016 Planner for All Things Magical!


:: Journal –

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve kept some sort of journal (from the Lisa Frank lock and key journals with loads of unicorns and fairies to composition books and everything in between) because for me, when in doubt, journal. Get those feelings out – even if you have to burn the pages afterwards. Keeping feelings all gunked up inside us without a container to let them out sucks, so grab a journal and let it all hang out – the pages can take it.



Basic. Black. And takes an emotional beating from time to time.


New Year’s or New Moment – begin where you are now and just move and grow. Be open to the journey and may there be grace and love upon you at all times.


Love + Turning The Page,




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