Order the groceries

My best 80’s hair has a hot grief tip for ya…

Order your damn groceries 👊🏽

After The Vic went tits up (that was his way of expressing when someone died 😂), I found myself EXTREMELY overwhelmed, especially at the “little” things.

I literally felt like I was going to break down and crawl into a fetal position at the self check-out in Target because even THAT was too much for me.

(Turns out — thanks to my awesome grief therapist — grief is not only processed emotionally, it’s processed physically as well.)

The next thing I knew, I found myself scouring Amazon for house items I’d usually buy when I was out and about (pre-grief) and spending hours reading ingredients, finding new food items and perfecting my online Thrive Market order.

My brain could handle that.
My emotions could handle that.
Therefore, I wasn’t breaking down in the middle of Vitamin Cottage anymore (well, for now).

Mental health matters, y’all, especially when you’re in a season of grief or overwhelm.

Take care of you. Do the easy thing. Order the fucking groceries.