When Google University Makes You A Better Mother

You’re holding that sweet baby all wrapped up in their softer than a babies ass blanket + gazing into their sleeping eyes (ummm, eyelids) thinking, “This actually came out of me!” And I guess in that moment it didn’t occur to me that this serene little cherub had the potential, […] Read More

What Lt. Dan Taught Me About Chilling The F*ck Out

Lieutenant Dan: (looking at their fruitless shrimping) Where the hell’s this God of yours? Forrest Gump: It’s funny Lieutenant Dan said that, ’cause right then, God showed up.   You know that scene in Forrest Gump where Lieutenant Dan + Forrest are on the shrimping boat + Lt. Dan has it […] Read More

Sacred Laundry: Choosing The Divine Feminine

I’ve had the most intense conversations, epiphanies and full-on body + soul cries while doing laundry in my basement. I’m not sure the significance, but I can tell you it makes a lot of sense considering laundry is where you bring the dirt to be cleansed. You know, purification. Yep. […] Read More

Learning To Love The Gray

  “Absolute equals nothingness.” — Dejan Stojanovic   I used to live in black and white. Gray was scary as fuck for me.   The gray color shocked my system because I didn’t know myself enough. I thought if I lived in absolutes, they would keep me safe – within […] Read More

When Your Wanderlust Soul Takes A Rest

  I recently chose a weekend trip out of town over an urge to pack everything up and move to a new place. Stop the train right now – that is some serious stuff in my world. You see; I’ve had the wanderlust bug in me most of my life. […] Read More