If You Feel Stuck + Out Of Sorts – Read This.

  Ever have the feelings of dread and uncertainty? Very human feelings to have, right?   Recently, I received a text message from a really close loved one, someone whom I hold dear, dear, dear to my heart – which basically stated that they dread their job, feel stuck and […] Read More

5 Reasons To Take A Leap Of Faith

  “The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears.” – Dan Stevens     “Take a leap of faith, girl.” “Live it up, sister.” “Step outside your comfort zone why don’t you?” “Choose more adventure […] Read More

How To Honor Where You Are In Your Journey

  Adhering to labels pretty much sucks. Especially if they’re your own self-adhesive labels placed upon you, by YOU.   After declaring myself a “free spirit” and all “wanderlusty” most of my life, when I started not feeling like traveling + enjoying my couch more than hopping on a plane, […] Read More

Why Self-Care Is Non-Negotiable For A Joyful Life

  I always wanted (ok, still kinda do) to be a rock star. Turns out, I WAS one, but didn’t even know it; I was just going about it in a different way.   In lieu of singing from the stage, I’ve had intense periods of going non-stop from the […] Read More

The BIG Differences In Venting vs. Complaining

  Have you ever had a shitty day? *Handful of hands up in the air*   I’m talking the kind of day where adult conversation wasn’t a big part of your life. I know I’m not the only one.   Recently, my hubs came home from work and I started […] Read More

How To Embrace Your Child

Ava’s Fierce Outfit Pic Of The Day is brought to you by: I’M. SO. FANCY!            When she came busting in the shower today to show me her “fancy” outfit, I truly couldn’t wait to slide the shower door open and see what she had on, […] Read More

A Credo For Sparking Your Soul

  You will survive. You will conquer. You will overcome. You will make it through the day. You will see the light. You will love again. You will heal. You will make it. You will get there.   You will BE more than WILL, actually. You ARE.   Because your spirit […] Read More