What Lt. Dan Taught Me About Chilling The F*ck Out

Relaxation, How To Relax

Lieutenant Dan: (looking at their fruitless shrimping) Where the hell’s this God of yours? Forrest Gump: It’s funny Lieutenant Dan said that, ’cause right then, God showed up.   You know that scene in Forrest Gump where Lieutenant Dan + Forrest are on the shrimping boat + Lt. Dan has it out with God atop the boat mast and a whaling storm? That was me – for sure…insert my head for Lt. Dan’s. Raging through life, […] Read More

Sacred Laundry: Choosing The Divine Feminine

  I’ve had the most intense conversations, epiphanies, and full-on body + soul cries while doing laundry in my basement. I’m not sure the significance, but I can tell you it makes a lot of sense considering laundry is where you bring the dirt to be cleansed. You know, purification. Yep. Sacred Laundry is my jam apparently. And my recent breakdown in the laundry room was no exception.   Dreams Can Be The Whisper of […] Read More

Learning To Love The Gray

Acceptance, Embrace

  “Absolute equals nothingness.” — Dejan Stojanovic   I used to live in black and white. Gray was scary as fuck for me.   The gray color shocked my system because I didn’t know myself enough. I thought if I lived in absolutes, they would keep me safe – within the bounds of what I thought I knew or was scared to look at.   Of course, we all know being confined to a space […] Read More

This Trick Helped My Motivation + Follow-Through (Or, What I Learned Preparing For Vegas)

Confession Time: I suck hardcore sometimes at follow-up or hell, follow-through. Emails go unreturned at times. Voicemails reeeeealllly go unchecked most of the time. To-Do lists pile up and transferred from day to day. Those couple lingering grocery items truly never get picked up. “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Famous last words of mine. I’m not proud of it, but to be quite honest, up until recently I felt like I was just placing my priorities […] Read More

When “Good” Doesn’t Equal “Right” In A Relationship

  I recall transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer one day in my early 20’s while in the midst of a rollercoaster of emotions – fresh off of a break-up and deep in my own thought and honestly, extreme heartache. I was scratching the wounds of no longer being in my first – almost two-year, “adult” relationship I experienced. The drama was small surrounding our parting of ways, but it wasn’t my first […] Read More

When Your Wanderlust Soul Takes A Rest

  I recently chose a weekend trip out of town over an urge to pack everything up and move to a new place. Stop the train right now – that is some serious stuff in my world. You see; I’ve had the wanderlust bug in me most of my life. I get all whimsical thinking of my next gypsy stroll, sweet temporary quarters and then my crazy-ass actually (90% of the time) does it. I […] Read More

If You Feel Stuck + Out Of Sorts – Read This.

  Ever have the feelings of dread and uncertainty? Very human feelings to have, right?   Recently, I received a text message from a really close loved one, someone whom I hold dear, dear, dear to my heart – which basically stated that they dread their job, feel stuck and out of sorts, yet they can’t exactly place “why” they feel the way they do. And, with their permission, I’m going to share with you […] Read More