How To Embrace Reinvention

  Reinvention… after a shit storm   My theme. My new buzz word. And the reason why you are looking at a website with a white canvas in which I am ready to place my brush upon. Crazy? Probably. Real? That’s all I can offer at this moment.   You see, I’m coming off a wee-bit of a shit storm. And for me that was entangled in essentially not speakig my truth. The truth I held so sacred and revered for everyone to speak. Yep, […] Read More

The Weight of Judgment + How I Called Bullshit On Myself

  I am going to call myself out right this moment: I love spirituality + consciousness! I’m a bit of a hippie, I’m all about the woo – crystals, affirmations, Law of Attraction, mala beads and so much more. I love the world of chakras, Shaman, acupuncture, Reiki, energetic healing, Medium’s, Angel’s, meditation and kale…definitely kale. This is the place where I feel alive, comfortable and not confined by any box. My energy is free […] Read More

Why Labels Are Killing Your Energy

  Do you enjoy living in a box? Didn’t think so; I don’t either. They are tight, stuffy and give me no room to breathe and I definitely can’t stretch out in there. So, why in the hell would I put myself in one? Silly girl I am. Here is why I think labels are killing your energy + definitely killed my mojo: For the last two years, I’ve been a “vegan” (hello label). It started […] Read More

A Letter of Love to My Flotation Devices

  If you’ve got friends like mine; raise your glasses. If you don’t; raise your standards. – Unknown   Has your best friend(s) saved you at a time in your life? Like, the 3:00AM phone call type of save your life?   Perhaps, you called them after you found an email that confirmed your suspicions of “crossing the line” and they showed up at your house and you didn’t have to say a word. That […] Read More

Dementia: Why Humor Heals + The Crazy Shit We Do For Family

  Swings, second shift, whatever you want to call it; September 8th, 2011 was my last night on the 3-11PM shift I’ve worked for almost six years of my life.  A few days later I began a new chapter in my work life, as I began working the graveyard shift (11p-7a).   When I would tell people (excitedly might I add), that I was going to switch to working nights, most everyone looked at me […] Read More