Progress Over Perfection


My older brother (like eighteen years older than me, older brother – thanks Italian father of ours) has been indirectly immersed in my smoothie-obsessed lifestyle in and out of his life for the last year and has really taken a liking to those green lifesavers.

He has been frickin’ Seabisquit out there, chuggin’ along like a champ experimenting with all this “alternative” health stuff we have coming in and out of his house.

So, when the hubs and I moved back from Santa Barbara and he was showing off his smoothie making superpowers I was beyond stoked at the transformation he had chosen for his life.


One day, after I had been reading from the Food Babe about Subway using some crazy-ass chemical (azodicarbonamide, hello yoga mat plastic, you can read more about that here) in their bread…who decides to bring home their happy Subway sandwich? Brother.

For Pete’s sake, he thought he was doing well. I mean it wasn’t some McDonald’s, or some other burger joint, which he is used to stopping at for a quick bite.

He thought it was progress and to me I envisioned him eating a yoga mat. Yikes!

So, there he was happily grabbing his Subway from the fridge and the hubs and I started joking with him about eating that hard-to-pronounce material in the bread.

And knowing my bro, it was probably an off day for him, but he got a little defensive and was like, “Whoa, progress over perfection, yo!”

Well, those were actually my words, but that is what he was trying to get across and he did say ‘progress over perfection.’ 🙂 

Which got my ass thinkin’ like crazy…

What if we celebrated the journey to health more than the destination of health?

What if you chose baby steps over leaps?

What if you praised yourself for taking the time to pack yo’self a lunch instead of buying a donut and pop?

It’s about the journey to health.

Yes, cold turkey works for some, but not all.

When can we begin blurring the lines between dropping judgment and turning up the tune of love?

When you really want to change, you will, or you’ll suffer, or die – it’s up to you.

Why must we try and change those not wanting change?

How can we show up as a big ball of Love and acceptance?

Check it: I bitchslapped ma’ damn self!

I used to be the type that dove in head first giving little thought to what I was about to do. I just knew I wanted change in some form; so going “all in” was what I had to do.

But, I realized over time that I’m really someone who needs baby steps for some things because I’ll fall off the Balls-In Train pretty fast if I don’t give myself enough time and space to breathe whilst on a new journey, whatever it may be.  

Now, I’m not saying to ignore what is in front of you either. After the Subway judgment train blew over with my brother, he continues to remark that all this stuff he is learning is constantly in his head when he is shopping, etc. 

The main point is you can’t unknow what you now know. Ya dig? So, even if you know that pop is filled with more sugar than a Halloween candy bag that did circles around the neighborhood, it is still your responsibility and up to you to do something about it. Your knowing, your choices. 


I look back on my own excursion of integrating more health and holistic wellness into this life and it has taken time. Like reeeeeaaaal time. It didn’t happen overnight and I’m still tweaking and experimenting with badass ways to bring more soul infusing + health-inducing love into this experience.

You don’t one day get to the Health Mountain and suddenly you’ve “arrived.” I call bullshit on that approach.

It’s continuous.

It’s momentous.

It’s encompassing and sporadic.

And in the beginning it can be an ice cream binge one day and a green smoothie blast another day.

Easy come, easy go. Take it slow. You are there. There is no “getting there”…only a choice to show the hell up.

Moment by moment, day by day: choosing, using what you have, know and seek.


And, although my nature is to just throw everything out of a kitchen and replace it with all things organic and green friendly, I know that spells disaster in so many ways.

So, if you are or ever have been hard on your beautiful self about this health and wellness journey, stop it.

Stop whatever self-abuse and unloving language you are spewing to yourself and while we are going there, that also goes for self-sabotaging behavior (“I’m just gonna stay fat because it’s easier that way.”).

No, it’s not easier. You wanna know what is easier and way more fulfilling?

Buying a book, getting to know YOU, sitting your ass on a pillow and meditating, talk to the Divine, soul chatting with a friend, moving beyond the resistance that is keeping you stuck.

Resistance keeps us fat because we are literally resisting that light within us which wants to shine so bright, but we are so fucking scared of it we choose to self sabotage aka over-eat, etc.


Life is about the ride and how we choose to navigate this existence. It’s not always unicorns and fairies, but those dark moments birth the light, which is our own spark of Divinity.

So, go there. Get dirty. Roll around in the unknown and explore who you are because in the end it is all about progress…the learning, the tangible experiencing of life.

Perfection is a lonely island where the only “survivors” are the ones digging their own grave.


Love + Progress,



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