Raise Your Glass + Drop Your Truth-Bomb, Now!


The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. – Gloria Steinem


Do you feel like you can be real?

I’m talking reeeaaallly real with yourself? A friend? Family member? A lover?


Have you created a no-nonsense, fresh space for your life in which you can completely be yourself – truth-filled, open, no judgments?

Are you shaking your head “no,” or better yet, screaming “Oh hell no!”

I getcha’.


Let me tell you about my experience creating a space of real to the core & loads of honesty which has infused some major frickin’ freedom in my relationships.

If you’re ready to drop some truth-bombs — raise your glass + let’s do this.


There was a week or so where I was feeling really disconnected with my husband.

I was quickly annoyed with him for no good reason. I was snappy, no tolerance for the slightest inconvenience and imagined myself kicking him in the balls a couple of times (again for no good reason). Ladies, can I get an amen?! Ok, enough ball bashing.

Now, I knew well enough that whatever I was feeling towards my husband was really just a trigger to what was really going on inside myself (they call this mirroring; the outside world being a reflection of our internal state. Please check out Gabrielle Bernstein’s Vlog for more info on this concept).

That’s right, mama needed to check herself. So, that’s what I did…


The hubs and I were driving out of town + of course my annoyance meter went on high and a silly argument over didly-squat initiated.

In that moment I was infused with truth-bomb inspiration, opened my mouth and sang to my man, “Ok we both know this bull shit arguing has nothing to do with the words that we are spewing out of our mouths, right? Exactly right. Alright, may I be completely raw and honest with you in explaining what is going on inside my head and heart? I’m going to talk out loud to you. Can you hold a space of being open and non-judgmental while I’m breaking this down?”

Hubs emphatically replied, “Yes, of course. Speak.”

My heart sighed at that moment and every thought, feeling, scenario and dream I had experienced in the past week flashed in my mind and I began sharing it ALL.

Nothing was held back as I freely released any & everything that popped into my head, or I felt in my heart.

It felt symbiotic.

It felt like listening to a symphony crescendo.

It felt like listening to Pavarotti hit his never ending high note.

It felt like holding a Yoga position longer than my limbs knew I could.

It was a euphoric release.


If there was any fear in being so raw I never felt it because the feeling of freedom, arms wide open, and my head being clear, suffocated any fear.

All of my shit was out and into the ether. We discussed. We understood each other in a brighter light. We became aware. We moved on.


You see, that is the beauty of a truth bomb – once out of your inner space and lay upon the table, it doesn’t have to pay rent to the scenario-izing, fear-laden, what-if, Master Landlord one more second.

Not to say you won’t be filled with consuming thoughts and feelings ever again, but now you can pour yourself a shot of The Real Deal, raise your glass & drop that truth-bomb.


If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below then it’s time to start diggin’:

  • Are you paralyzed in your own thoughts?
  • Is there something pressing that has been on your mind?
  • Has the Universe/God/Source/Divine been whispering in your heart? Yet, you have continued to ignore that “still voice” inside you? (i.e. you have outgrown a relationship, but do not want to acknowledge it. You have come closer to exploring your life’s purpose, but are scared of change/failure, etc.)


Well, let’s get out of our heads, out of our own way and quit over-thinkin’…ya dig?


File these following tips in your brain under the folder labeled “Hell Yes I Will.”

Acknowledge:  ALL whispers, nudges, heart songs, prayers and gut checks that you receive from your own divinity & the Universe.

DO NOT compartmentalize these feelings. Barking orders, “whispers: go home, nudges: park it, heart songs: quiet down, prayers: I’ll take a rain check for next month, gut checks: you did not just happen; it was something I ate,” will only prolong the inevitable. Take in Wayne Dyer’s wise words: “Whatever you resist persists.”

Start talkin’ and do so ASAP. Look, if you’re waiting until you’re “ready” to bust out the artillery, you could be standing on the edge your whole life, never knowing what kick-ass beauty, freedom and authenticity waits to greet your soul on the other side. Offer your truth story to the receiver and request if they are able to hold a space for you to be open and non-judgmental while you speak your truth-filled thoughts, feelings and everything in between. And then- GO! You don’t have to know what to say; your heart already knows and has been waiting to belt out every word which has touched your spirit.


Infinite Love + Raising My Glass,

Keli Conci



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