Stop Doing List

“I don’t know what to call myself…I’m not sure there’s a word for it…,” Paul Jarvis implored on the Being Boss podcast.

I was intently listening to these words through my SUV speakers as I swerved around corners and pulled up to my daughter’s school – blaring what people only presumed was music, but no, just three people talking about life and business on a podcast.

No, moms, dads, and teaching faculty, I wasn’t listening to the ‘90s Salt ‘N Pepa song, “Shoop”.

I was just adding some morning brain food to, oh, whomever was standing at the curb to drop their kiddos off at 7:45 in the morning.

After the Little Babe and I gave our morning smooches (which literally shocks our lips every morning, but we keep on keeping on with them) + she scurried out of the car with a, “Be kind, but take no shit” morning mantra – I was back to rocking out to my podcast…

Paul Jarvis went on to describe himself as a writer, author, web developer and someone who “does things on the Internet”, but for an actual label to stick on all of those “things” – there wasn’t one (or at least yet, not one that was mentioned on the podcast).

When Paul didn’t know exactly how to tie a pretty-ass red bow on a box of all the skills he has, and how he shows up in this online world I instantly felt where he was coming from.

It’s boxy and I can’t stand boxes.

That whole “put me in a box” thing has always plagued me.

Plagued me as in I changed the tagline of Keli Conci more times than I’ve changed my mind about the food I like to eat (I love you rice. You hurt my tummy rice. Beans are life! Beans are the devil! Smoothies make me feel like I’m flying. I’m fucking over smoothies.).

And yet, even with no cute label to place on anything, people like Mr. Jarvis still show up – daily – and do the thing they love, or the skill they want to hone, or the business they want to build – even if there isn’t a catchall name for it.

When I thought about being more than okay with not having a label or tagline for my writer/freelancer/marketing/Internet-thinger ass – it’s as if my body stopped holding its breath.

You see, my body was holding a long, deep breath for the “perfect” tagline to sum up the many things I love to do in this world, but there just isn’t a word for it…yet. However, my name, Keli Conci, that should sum it up real good.

And when I thought deeper about what I wanted to STOP doing – like continuously trying to figure out a tagline that “sums” me up – I had to think about all the other things I want to stop doing as well.

Then I got real Jim Carrey Grinch status and made a list of all the things I loathe and should probably stop doing…like now.

There’s a twist for you – instead of a New Year’s Resolution list, how about a Stop Doing List for the new year?  

Some of The Items on My Stop Doing List

•  Quit trying to place myself in a box that explains how “Keli Conci” shows up online. Just keep showing up, Woman.

•  Stop trying to talk myself into using social media again (professionally and/or personally). I keep whimsically thinking, “Oh, one day soon I’ll get the urge to get back on the ole ‘Gram.”  I’m not sure if that day will ever come, but in the meantime, I love keeping in contact with the online world via newsletter (yes, I said, newsletter and yes I’m in my mid-30’s. I love me some email, ok?).

•  Enough already with seeking perfection in your work. Perfectionism isn’t the life goal, Kel. Keep in mind how diligent + detail oriented you are in your work and your life…and allow that to be enough. There’s no such thing as perfect, yo!

These are but a few of things I want to Stop Doing; I’m absolutely sure there’s more and I’ll add them as I go.

Sometimes we need reminders for what doesn’t work for us anymore.

What doesn’t fill us up.

What doesn’t “give us life” (as the kids say these days).

There are stop signs and red lights in this world for a reason – it gives us time to literally stop, reflect, and choose which direction we want to turn in – the way that it’s always been done, or a new way that’s hella better for our life.

Now, we just need to stop, collaborate and listen (there I go again with ‘90s lyrics – thanks, Vanilla Ice) to what it is we really want to STOP DOING.

Love + ‘90s Lyrics + Listening to Red Lights,


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