This Trick Helped My Motivation + Follow-Through (Or, What I Learned Preparing For Vegas)

Confession Time: I suck hardcore sometimes at follow-up or hell, follow-through.

  • Emails go unreturned at times.
  • Voicemails reeeeealllly go unchecked most of the time.
  • To-Do lists pile up and transferred from day to day.
  • Those couple lingering grocery items truly never get picked up.
  • “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Famous last words of mine.

I’m not proud of it, but to be quite honest, up until recently I felt like I was just placing my priorities where they “should” be – like with taking care of our little one and being a caregiver to my father and oh yeah, writing and trying to run an online biz.

Of course I would check off the urgent stuff that needed to get done + I really am a badass at organization and day-to-day stuff, but the “little” things I definitely tend to place in the Little Things Box – until recently…


This week I have been preparing for a trip to Vegas with the hubs, so I scribbled down what had to get done + holy hell, I was on a mission! Motivated and marking things off the list like a boss.

As I drove from errand to errand, checking off what was next, I found that familiar voice inside my head talking to me as I was driving out of the Target parking lot: “You can do that tomorrow. Just go home.”

I sat with the thought for a little bit and then a surge of motivation went through me to get what I needed to get done TODAY. The feeling was strong and pulsating and I realized at that moment it was the thought of going to Vegas (holy happiness!) and not wanting to do anything last minute that really lit a fire under my ass.

I knew I really didn’t have the luxury of “tomorrow” to run around, so it had to get done today and I totally had the time for it (I think the heat was begging me to get to my air conditioned house – oh, sweet summer).

This Trick Helped My Motivation + Follow-Through: I was managing my to-do list like a bucket list (the “expiration date” being tomorrow). <— TWEET THIS!

And it was working – I felt light and free as a bird when I walked in that air-conditioned house. I started to play with the idea of an expiring to-do list and implementing it more in my day-to-day life and it truly has been a game changer.


Now, I’m not saying I’m 100% on that bucket to-do list, but my awareness around the “little” things has been huge, especially when I started to realize these “little” things really make up the big things – just like that quote says:


“Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault



Alright sunshine, I’m off to get ready for a pool + meeeeee time. Love you!



Love + Buckets of Motivation,


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