What My Paperboy Taught Me About Connection

I crushed hard on our paperboy.

You know, back in the day, the cute as hell paperboy would come around every month and collect money for the newspaper.

The newspaper you actually held in your hand and didn’t consume from a computer screen.

I was in love with my blue-eyed, blonde-haired paperboy.

He had this shit-eatin’ grin and was the precise amount of rebel I was into as a pre-teen.

(Hell, who am I kidding. I’m still into the blue-eyed, blonde-haired rebel…and married one. Ha!)

Ok, don’t tell anyone, but I eventually made out with that paperboy a few times. 

We actually became pretty good friends.

Kissing friends. Making out friends. Getting into late-night trouble friends.

And because we were tight as hell over the summer’s, I even went on some paper runs with him.

(Can you even picture me throwing a paper into a yard? I can barely swat a fly without laughing my ass off?)


On some of his paper runs, I would notice paperboy placing some newspapers in mailboxes, then I’d see him chuck some right on the porch (never missed) and every once in a while, I’d see him throw it in a sprinkler-laden lawn.

I was curious – why wasn’t everyone’s paper delivered the same way?

He basically said something to this effect:

“Because I know their preferences. When I collect every month, people tell me how they like their paper delivered and I try to accommodate. But, some can be assholes and those are the ones that get wet papers every now and again.”

Think about that for a minute: a paperboy would come to your door, collect money for the newspaper that’s delivered daily and that’s how it went.

There was no digital payment collection.

Nothing was behind a paywall.

And the ability to read a newspaper “online” was unheard of at that time.

Recently, I’ve started craving connection beyond a digital touchscreen.

I want to hug people when I greet them instead of commenting on social media, “How cute! Adorable picture.”

I want to go down the rabbit hole and peel back the layers instead of commenting on Facebook, “I agree. 100%. Yes!”

I want to hear about your life, not just a snippet or a photo on Instagram.

How did that salad really taste?

Tell me how you felt after you read that book?

I want to hear your story about why you chose this new path?

I want to experience connection with all my senses…not just a tap of my thumb, or how fast my fingers can type.

The online world is so powerful with connection.

So, what if we took those online connections and infused more offline connections?

(And trust me, this is coming from someone who’s a raging outgoing introvert – I need major space, people, to fuel up. I get the allure and convenience of online connection.)

But I also need tangible connection to feel not so isolated.

What if we decided to meet in real life and take a girls trip with our Skype Bestie and laugh and talk until the wee hours of the morning?

What if we opted for that in-person workshop or seminar versus the newest online course?  

What if we chose just one palpable connection over the strongest Wi-Fi and a fully charged MacBook?

Who knows, you might just meet your version of paperboy (or papergirl) and fill your summer with wild adventures together…

Who knows until you step away from the computer/television/phone screen and look someone in the eye and say, “Hello!”

Because I’m learning that even an hour spent with another human – connecting and sharing – can do wonders for giving your scrolling thumb a break.

Love + Paperboy Adventures,


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