Why Labels Are Killing Your Energy


Do you enjoy living in a box?

Didn’t think so; I don’t either.

They are tight, stuffy and give me no room to breathe and I definitely can’t stretch out in there.

So, why in the hell would I put myself in one?

Silly girl I am.

Here is why I think labels are killing your energy + definitely killed my mojo:

For the last two years I’ve been a “vegan” (hello label).

It started out because of my lactose intolerance and cutting out dairy. I was never really a meat person, so I cut that out too. I didn’t eat eggs or fish that much either, so threw those suckers out as well.

I felt better than I ever had in my life; light, clear headed and full of energy from my new love of all things green and the beloved kale. I felt like I was part of a secret society with this vegan stuff. It was underground, but going main stream, and I was living proof that this shit truly did work (in my atmosphere).

As I became even more immersed in this yummy world and became a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I wanted to share all I had up in my brain (and heart) to everyone around me. I wanted to change their lives just like being vegan changed mine.

I set out to change the world, or hell, at least change someone’s world.


Along my journey I began to realize something + damn it if it was NOT such a pretty realization about me:


I was in judgment everywhere I looked, and not just judging of others for their food choices, but judgment of myself for wanting (and eating) eggs, fish or cheese every once in a while.

If I chose to eat eggs or have some sushi I would beat myself up the whole time I was eating it and thought to myself how mortified I would be if a client saw me in here not being the V-word.

Again, silly girl I am.

As I began to perk up to this awareness and feel the heaviness of judgment in my life I knew I had to let that shit go. I saw that the judgment of others for eating what I deemed “crappy” food was really the mirror of judgment within me for me.

What’s a Ballsy Broad to do with this new awareness? I began to acknowledge my thoughts around judgment in general (especially food) and then started to choose only what felt light and expansive in my world.

As soon as I began doing that for me the outer world of judgments disappeared. I could now watch someone eat a fast food meal without wanting to shake them (or force them to puke – whichever one came first). Kidding.

I kicked that vegan, judgment box to the curb and allowed the trash man to pick it up. This box was no longer mine to carry, so I shed that little bitch and felt free bird status from that moment on.

I also stopped putting labels on myself i.e. vegan, vegetarian, blah, blah, blah. By slapping a label on myself I cut me off to choosing – and isn’t that what freedom is all about — choosing?!


Now, I choose what my body wants by asking it questions like:

“Do you want a smoothie right now? Or would you like some toast and almond butter?”

“Would you like sushi? Or a salad?”

“Would you like a meatball with your spaghetti? Or just rock out with the sauce only?”

And whatever response pops up with the lightest, most spacious feeling – I choose it.


This puts you in a place of creating your most expansive life by the simple act of choosing and living in inspired action as much as possible.

I’ll take every piece of that sweet pie – thank you very much.


Love + Blank Labels,


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