Ciao + welcome to my online galaxy of:

Broadcasting + communication: curiosity + storytelling equals a smokin’ conversation. I love extracting the real-deal life happenings of inspirational people who have grown through experiences, lived to tell about it and then share it with you.

Being your own damn guru: advice? Take what speaks to you and leave the rest – trust your own intuition, always.

Life as an experiment: no such thing as failure, only experience to help you grow and become the best damn version of yourself. Keep showing up + experimenting with life because you’ll know yourself better and that’s where the real magic lives.

Growing a pair: I believe we either grow or die. Sink or swim. Move through that big-ass mountain, or shrivel up in the fetal and die a slow soul death. Breakdowns are really breakthroughs – keep showing up.


I am many parts…

  • Journalist
  • Researcher
  • Outgoing Introvert
  • Freedom Fanatic
  • Multipassionate
  • Truth Teller
  • Curiosity Curator
  • Mermaid
  • Rebel and Activist
  • Appropriately Placed F-Bomb Dropper


And of course, I’m here to be used as a muse –

perhaps for awakening your own self-expression, but most of all…

for finding your voice and using it like a motherfucker.

Student Of Life. Qualifications.

And a peek into my multi-passionate world.


  • That Dorm Life – (2001)

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley

Studied Mass Communications + a new town for one semester. Said “peace out” once I saw a commercial for a television and radio broadcasting school.


  • 15-Minutes of Fame – (2002)

Ohio Center for Broadcasting, Colorado Campus

Spent an entire year immersed in radio and television broadcasting school; met cool instructors, new friends and interned at KCNC Channel 4 in Denver. I truly thought this was where I was where, upon graduation, go and jump into my “purpose” (whatever the hell that really is?) Life was about to show me some forks in the road…


  • Is This Thing On? – (2003)

KCNC/Channel 4 – Denver, Production Assistant/Teleprompter

Graduated Broadcasting School and Channel 4 offered me a Production Assistant and Teleprompter job. I was beyond ecstatic and thought I was on my way up, living my dream. Then one day at 20 years old and seeing some of the reporters there miserable, divorced and chasing the next story…I promptly moved back home and questioned what the hell I really wanted to do with my life.


  • Received The “Survived Working With Family” Badge – (2003 – 2005)

Pueblo West Total Fitness

While I tried to figure out that whole “life purpose” thing…my brother needed help with his gym. Since I had worked there all throughout high school and we were family and all, I ended up General Managing the gym and received a crash course in managing and business; two totally different things turns out. What female, 20-year old doesn’t love handling employees twice her age, new ownership and a wicked case of Winging It? I dug it all…until I didn’t anymore.


  • Eureka — I’m Kinda, Pretty Sure, I Know What I Want To Do With My Life…Maybe?! – (2005 – 2007)

Pueblo Community College, Licensed Psychiatric Technician

Thought the world of psychology was fascinating, so I dove in. Little did I know when I started school for being a Psychiatric Technician, it was basically nursing school (and I have a full on physical reaction to blood and needles). I sure am adorable sometimes.


  • One Flew Over MY Cuckoo Nest – (2007 – 2012)

Colorado Mental Health Institute of Pueblo

Passed my Psychiatric Technician boards and got me an official license and began a career in forensic nursing. What a ride that was! My adrenals were officially shot by 2012 and I decided my soul was worth more than the money, so I jumped out of nursing and into the next adventure…


  • Green Smoothie Nation – (2011 – 2012)

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Went full on in and became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. This not only fueled the lifestyle I was experimenting with, but also a way to transition out of my forensic nursing job and into entrepreneur world — and so began my rocket launching into the online business world.


  • Comfort Zone Crashing Camp – (2012 – Current)

KeliConci.com (runnin’ my own damn business)

Launching and running your own business – whether it be large and in charge, or sole proprietorship like mine – you have to have some balls to keep that baby going and showing up over and over again.

I’ve launched, re-launched, re-branded, lost and found (and lost and found) my focus again and again, questioned what the hell I’m doing, wondered if it’s all worth it…yet, I keep coming back for more; continuing to show up as the Keli I am at any given moment and helping others to keep showing up in their life and business as well.


  • Bangin’ B-School – (2015)

Marie Forleo’s B-School 

What is the online equivalent of an MBA for doing business in the online world? Marie Forleo’s B-School that is. I mean…who doesn’t love a good up-level in their life and business? I sure as hell do and that is exactly what I received.


  • Going Higher (Education That Is) – (2016 – Graduation: 2018)

Southern New Hampshire University (Bachelor of Arts — Communications/New Media/Social Media Marketing)

Finishing my formal college education was tugging at my heart the last few years. I kept pushing it away saying I didn’t need it for what I was doing and telling myself that college was a waste of money. But, when something keeps knocking at your soul, you have to check under the hood and see what’s up. I enrolled and have been in love with every class I’ve taken. Who knows the big “why” behind it (I don’t even know yet), but instead of a tugging at my heart, it’s a big high-five. Go, team, go!


A little more junk in my trunk:

I’m just a girl who likes to live life a little bit on the edge, that’s all…


  • I desperately wanted to be a famous actress most of my life until I hit my early 20’s. Looking back, I’m not sure I wanted to actually be an actress, but I used my fantasy life as my salvation to move me through a dysfunctional, broken childhood. Oh, how I spoke with Barbra Walters and Oprah everyday in my imaginary world.
  • I believe chips, salsa and guacamole are a meal + rank highly sacred in my book.
  • I mostly love cooking, especially when it’s my Grandma Rose’s spaghetti sauce recipe or her chicken soup brew that soothes the soul.
  • My dad had me when he was fifty years old (damn Italians). He also now has dementia and I get to be his caregiver and we are making the best of it – he pretty much kicks ass in my book.
  • I cry like a baby when I watch humanitarian stories…Undercover Boss, Secret Millionaire, hell when someone pays for my tea at the coffee shop. It hits me in the feels.
  • My mom beamed up to the sky when I was twenty-four years old.  Our relationship was rocky for most of my life, but apparently I chose forgiveness to be a huge flippin’ learning lesson in this life and boy did I find the power in forgiveness with cancer and losing my mom.
  • Scary movies…well, they scare the shit out of me.
  • I can bust a mean move.


Busting a mean move at my wedding.
  • I adore anytime I get to be with my girlfriends (or Flotation Devices, as I like to call them) and dance my ass off or deep-dive into conversation.
  • When I’m not being bossed around by a feisty little babe, or repeating myself for the zillionth time to my dad (Dementia can be a real dick) – I devour reading. Sometimes three books at a time, sometimes one I can barely finish.


Now, for that awkward 3rd Person bio:


Keli dreams of a world where time travel is real, people are more authentic than not and kindness prevails.

As a writer, her work has been featured in: The Pueblo West View and Gabrielle Bernstein’sHer Future Network in their Blog’s We Dig pick of the week as well as working with visionaries, entrepreneurs and change-makers in birthing their projects into the world.

When she isn’t chasing around her feisty little daughter, caregiving for her 80-something father, or lovin’ up on her handsome husband, you can find her writing, reading, being an activist in the world of caregiver’s and Alzheimer’s/Dementia, trying to take deep breaths, cooking and traveling.

Keli’s next project is launching her very own podcast — hitting the airwaves in 2017.

Explore how to do life and business your own damn way at: www.KeliConci.com.