Writer and Content Marketing Specialist for Small Businesses Ready to Show Up Online

Ciao! I’m…




Content Marketing Maestro

Awkward Conversation Starter

Has Moves Like Jagger

I help small businesses – like you – connect with your ideal customer, show up consistently online (not just a ghost post when you’ve had two drinks…mmmkkkk), and build a brand (not just a business) in this online galaxy we call the Interwebs via writing and content creation for your website, email, blog, and social media.

(Psst…the fancy term for this is Content Marketing!)

You know how you read your favorite blogs and receive your beloved newsletters and go down the rabbit-hole of your most-loved social media accounts? That’s a business rockin’ their content marketing right there.

Because that’s the beauty of content marketing, y’all — showing up over and over for your customer — just like a BFF would (and I trust my Bestie’s more than I trust myself sometimes). 

‘Cause I’m a human who believes in playing the long game (in life + marketing) + doing it your own damn way!


Every week I send out a newsletter (aka The Conci Catch-Up; my favorite way of talking to my peeps) where I discuss all things life, content marketing, business + showing the hell up.

Hop on the newsletter; it’s all the rage (as the cool kids say. WTF?!).