Leah Remini + Scientology + The Importance of Truth-Telling

Leah Remini, Truth-Telling, Scientology

  You know that saying, “Mama didn’t raise no fool?” That’s what I thought this weekend when low and behold those damn online, 24-hour streaming majiggies like Netflix and Hulu got me again. But this time, I fooled them. How? I’m sure you’re scratching your head in pure wonderment right now. I gave in. Yep, that’s what I did. Straight-up laid down like a dog, curled up in my sherpa from Costco that I won’t […] Read More

That Time I Reverse-Engineered Advice + Grew A Unicorn Horn

Judge less, love more

  My brother echoed many times to me: “What other people think of you is none of your business, Sister.” Those words were soothing to me and exactly what I needed to hear when I was a teenager in high school and for whatever hormonal, lady-raging reason I actually gave a shit about what others thought (no, I’m not exempt from caring what other people think, I just usually do the duck and water thing […] Read More

Relationship Freedom + Why I Called Bullshit on “Two Becoming One”

  There I was perusing the Internet like the mature 30-something that I am, scrolling through my Facebook feed as I wondered why I even placed my thumb on that blue icon on my iPhone in the first place — political rant after political rant — blah, blah and another blah.   Finally my eyes saw a post about love and marriage and that saying that pulls at the heartstrings so much…”when two become one.” […] Read More

Questions For Heaven – When Wonder Turns To Appreciation

Death and dying

  On what would have been your 61st trip around the sun, I woke up with questions swirling my orbit and I couldn’t help but talk to the cosmos about it…   Questions For Heaven – I wonder how much joy you’d have being a grandma. I wonder how many giggles you and your granddaughter would have racked up by now. I wonder how my life would be different with your help dealing with dad […] Read More

5 Ways To Get A Grip On Life + Grow A Pair

Courage, Strength

  Not only do I have some WTF moments, I also have dark flashes when all I really want to do is wiggle my nose like Samantha Stephens on Bewitched and start anew. Yep, sometimes I most definitely need to get a grip on life and grow a pair. I will say that these times don’t stick around too long because of a couple tricks I have up my sleeve to help get a grip […] Read More

How To Receive A Compliment (Illustrated By A Pre-Schooler)

Compliment, Compliments, Receiving

  It was a bright, yet crisp Saturday morning as she meandered into our bedroom with her white pajama shirt on backward and her pink and white socks pulled over her pants. This tiny Pre-Schooler looked like she just rolled out of a John Hughes movie beholding like Curly Sue with some major bedhead – a tiny birds nest in the back of her hair where she slept, waiting for Mama Bird to fly right […] Read More

On Acceptance: When Life Is A Literal Shit Show

Dementia, Alzheimers

  I was straight up sobbing, but without the tears rolling down my cheeks, kind of sob. It looked more like the body cry where your shoulders are heave hoeing up and down uncontrollably like you’re dancing a jig. Yeah, that one. I’m standing on the bathroom rug, trying to hide my face in the crease of my elbow as I endured, with gray medical gloves on and a plugged nose, trying to clean up […] Read More