Ciao! I’m…




Awkward Conversation Starter

Mental Health Matters

Creative Sidekick

Has Moves Like Jagger

I’m here to talk about the awkward stuff nobody wants to talk about.

Whether it be dementia & death or digital marketing & creativity — mental health matters and I love peeling the onion of life and adding a splash (or dousing) of humor along the way!

I’m a writer who believes I’m not the only one who’s gone through some crazy shit, so I write about it in the hope you don’t feel so alone anymore.

I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist who gets super hopped up on caffeine + kombucha and helps small businesses + creatives connect with their clients and customers via content creation + marketing (aka website, blogs, and newsletters).

I’m a human who believes in playing the long game (in life + marketing) + doing it your own damn way!


Every week I send out a newsletter (aka The Conci Catch-Up; my favorite way of talking to my peeps) where I discuss all things life, business + showing the hell up.

Hop on the newsletter; it’s all the rage (as the cool kids say. WTF?!).