Work With Me

This picture was brought to you by…the moment you realize why you bought the iPhoneX (that blurry picture background/selfie life). Because I am so not a photographer + damn the good lighting in that room.

Ciao! I’m Keli Conci…


Content Creator + Strategist.

Communications Obsessed.

I help small businesses + creatives – like you – connect with your ideal customer, show up consistently online (not just a ghost post when you’ve had two drinks…mmmkkkk), and build a brand (not just a business) in this online galaxy we call the Interwebs via writing and content creation for your website, email, blog, and social media.

(Psst…the fancy term for this is Content Marketing!)

So, what does all of that really mean? 

It means

  • Clarity

You have a business, now what? This is where we get clear on your business, what makes it unique and how you can best communicate that with your audience. 

  • Content

Now that we know what your business is all about, let’s map out a plan for how you can spread that message so you can start helping your ideal customers. 

  • Consistency

Plan is in place for spreading your business message — now it’s time to show up consistently, foster relationships and build trust with your audience.

It’s called the long game and if you’re a business of integrity and in it for the long haul — this is how your business becomes a trusted brand. 

Who Do I Work With?

  • Small Business Owner’s 
  • Creative’s  

…who want to get their business and/or work (message) into the world – specifically the online world. 

You might not know (or might have a small inkling) where to start. Or you may know a lot about who, what and why, but have a hard time implementing your ideas. 

That’s where I come in. 

How Do I Work With You? 

I help nurture you — the business owner and/or creative — along the online journey + connect you with your unique customers and audiences via content writing and digital marketing. 

And not digital marketing like billboards, print advertising or even sales.

I’m talking about digital marketing in the form of writing for your website, blog, newsletter and social media.

My Philosophy On Doing Business In The Digital World:

  • Do It Your Own Damn Way
  • Formula’s blow + won’t sustain you over time unless you love the formula.
  • We do digital ethically. I’m talking giving credit where it’s due, compassion overpressure and fostering relationships over sales.

You’re SO My Visionary Entrepreneur Homegirl/Homeboy If:

  • Authenticity and integrity are your jam.
  • You dig fun and play.
  • You think outside the box and color outside the lines.
  • You have (or already have) an integrity-based business. AKA: you uplift, inspire and aim to do biz that helps the world. You DO NOT poach animals.

We WON’T Work Well Together If:

  • You can’t handle boundaries (no, I’m not on-call 24/7).
  • Flexibility and patience aren’t something you’re willing to work on (the digital world is cray-cray, ya gotta bend, baby + breathe).
  • You don’t have a sense of humor and/or can’t handle a properly placed F-bomb.

Fewer Formulas — More Being Wildly Human (and how to work with me)

I am here for you.

And there are two ways you and I can get all kinds of digital together.


I’m all yours (kinda).

I love so, so much digging in deep with a person/brand and getting all up in the daily Digital Details of your business.

(That’s why I only work with a small, hand-selected group of people — I’ve had the same retainer clients since I started my business and hand-pick who I get the pleasure of working!)

And if you’re ready to be seen online and show up consistently — this is the all-inclusive you’re looking for.

Think of it like you’re hiring a digital marking department (writing focused), but you only see me when we meet.

If you hire a damn good digital marketing person, they should be like the silent employee you rarely see, but their work is working around the clock for you.

What The Digital Details: All-Inclusive Looks Like For You (aka the deliverables):

Ongoing Content Marketing and Branding Consulting + Strategy —
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Content Marketing Strategy (for your website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms)
  • Strategy and Copy for Marketing/Launch Campaigns (newsletter, social media, product/services)
  • Content Calendar
Website + Blog — 
  • Website Copy (SEO optimized) 
  • Monthly Blog(s) (includes research, SEO optimization, and custom frequency to fit your ideal audience) 
  • Customized Graphics
Newsletter — 
  • Customized Copy, Graphics and Frequency of Newsletters to Fit Your Ideal Audience
  • Segmenting of List
Social Media — 
  • Options of Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter 
  • Customized Captions
  • Customized Graphics 
  • Schedule and Post Content 
  • Audience Engagement
Google My Business — 
  • Set-Up and Optimization of Google My Business Account 
  • Consistent posting to GMB Account
  • Google Review Response
  • 6-month minimum project/working together.
  • Starting at $4,000/month. Half ($2,000) of monthly rate collected upon acceptance of terms/contract; other $2,000 collected two weeks later (will continue bi-weekly billing for the remainder of contract/project).
  • Refund Policy: You have 15 days from the beginning date of working together to cancel services. Initial $2,000 NOT REFUNDABLE! The remaining money will not be charged after the termination of services.

**Ruh-roh, Shaggy, I’m all booked up (for now) with the all-inclusive**

If you’re down to be patient, or like to play the lottery, you can always hop on my waitlist and I’ll let you know when an opening comes up! Deal? Deal.

Or, you can look behind door number two (Digital Details: Power-Power Hour – keep scrolling) and we can get all jacked on caffeine together and for 90-minutes, bust out content for your biz.



Me + You + Zoom + A Cup of Somethin’
This is a 90-minute Power-Power Hour where you get to pick my brain about content and all things digital and strategy. Did someone just say “Holy Content, Batman — I think I just walked away with a boat-load worth of ideas/strategy and a plan!” 
If coming up with consistent content is a struggle for you, this Power Hour is for you. If content is king then consistency is its high-horse queen, if I do say so myself.
Walk away with content ideas and a consistent strategy to whip these out into the online galaxy. 
What The Digital Details Power-Power Hour Looks Like For You (aka the deliverables):
  • Content Strategy and Plan for your business/blog, as well as your social media channels — let’s map out your next 3-months, 6-months, or heck, your next year of content, baby! 
  • This means ideas/strategy/plan for your newsletter, blog, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter). 
  • You’ll walk away with digital strategy for your business/blog’s content which includes ideas and a plan to implement into your business.
  • 90-minute Skype session (if you’re local we can totally coffee shop it up)
  • The session will be recorded via Zoom, so you don’t miss any details
  • (1) 90-minute Digital Details: Power Hour Session — $499
How do I get in on this Power-Power Hour business, Keli?! 
So happy you asked, Darling! 😉