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This picture was brought to you by…the moment you realize why you bought the iPhoneX (that blurry picture background/selfie life). Because I am so not a photographer + damn the good lighting in that room.

Oh hello! I’m Keli Conci…

Writer. Word-Slinger. Creative Sidekick. Communications Obsessed. Launcher of Online Things. Integrator of Ideas. 

And I help you get your work into this online galaxy we call the interwebs! 

Are you a small business owner, almost-there entrepreneur, and/or creative-type…that wants to get your work + message into the world — especially the online world — but don’t know where to start? 

Maybe you’re ready to… 

✓  Start a blog

✓  Launch a website

✓  Begin marketing your products/services

✓  Get a podcast up + running 

✓  Write an e-book/book/PDF/opt-in 

But you’re feeling stuck…

• Spinning your wheels lost in technology curves + back-end settings?

• Overwhelmed with all the information and have enough tabs open on your laptop you’re afraid to click on one in fear of it shouting, “HELLLOOOOO! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!”

• Confused with where to start + which direction to head + what you should implement or not?

First of all, I feel you, Sister (or, Brother). 

I was you (and sometimes still feel that way when I take on something new!). 

When I started in the online world in 2011 (as a Holistic Health Coach) I was lost in HTML code, email opt-in’s, YouTube integration and couldn’t decipher between a hyperlink, or if I was sending someone to a hopped-up dating site. 

A lot of trial and error later — and many transitions in my online business — I’ve circled back to my love of communications + helping people get their work into the world, working side-by-side (or Skype-screen by Skype-screen) in seeing their dreams become reality. 

And it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think…it just takes some time and some grit…and the right mix of creative + get shit done sidekick to help you along the way! 

My Philosophy On Doing Business In The Digital World:

  • Do It Your Own Damn Way
  • Formula’s blow + won’t sustain you over time unless you love the formula.
  • We do digital ethically. I’m talking giving credit where it’s due, compassion over pressure and fostering relationships over sales.

You’re SO My Visionary Entrepreneur Homegirl (or guy) If:

  • Authenticity and integrity are your jam.
  • You dig fun and play.
  • You think outside the box and color outside the lines.
  • You’re ready (or already have) an integrity-based business. AKA: you uplift, inspire and aim to do biz that helps the world. You DO NOT poach animals.

We WON’T work well together if:

  • You can’t handle boundaries (no, I’m not on-call 24/7).
  • Flexibility and patience aren’t something you’re willing to work on (the digital world is cray-cray, ya gotta bend, baby + breathe).
  • You don’t have a sense of humor and/or can’t handle a properly placed F-bomb.

Ready to start AND finish?

Send me an email ( ) and let me know the details of what you want to do with your online galaxy and the help you’re looking for and we will schedule a time to chat.

Still Want More?

Here’s some A’s to your Q: 

Lookin’ to send me a love note or ask a burning question?

There’s a reason I don’t have my “comments” turned on + that’s because if you really want to shout something from the rooftops my way – email a sister. I prefer personal connection, even if it’s via the interwebs + in my inbox. 

Inquiring about an interview for your show?

I love all things broadcasting and I reeeeaaalllly love riffing on the topics of personal growth (ahem, growing a pair), comfort zone crashing, authenticity, truth-telling, waving your freedom flag, caregiving and all things Alzheimer’s/Dementia related. If this fits your show — shoot me an email + we can chat!