Choosing Curiosity Over Comfort

We don’t always have it figured out, do we?

I know, as a child, I thought I had my dreams narrowed down and that my mind would never change.

Silly girl.

Turns out, life has the greatest sense of humor. EVER.

As the unassuming editor of my high school newspaper, I didn’t dream of being a journalist or even working for a Chronicle, or a place with “The Times” in their company title.


I was just decent at using words, understood sentence structure and had a mad love affair with storytelling.

Words have always been one of my best methods of self-expression (ooookkkaaaay, and talking with my hands).

However, all I ever wanted to be was “famous” – not as a writer, but as an actress.

I would tell everyone I was going to be a famous actress, but in all honesty, I could care less about acting. I’m sure the dysfunction of my childhood had a lot to do with my desire to escape to Hollywood and become “famous” – but at the time, going through it, I thought I was so sure.

I think I pined more for living in the sunshine state of California than being on a stage though.


When it was time to head to college I gave a firm “hell no” to the college route and started making plans for California.

After having a conversation with my brother, I decided to try university life for one term and go from there.

Little did I know, that would be one of the first “detours” I was to take on a path that has not led me to the fame I sought as a child (I’m still holding out for Oprah though, ya dig?!)

And that is completely and utterly ok.

You see, I’m the type that has learned to follow the breadcrumbs in life.

My curiosity keeps me looking down roads I never dreamed of spying on and saying “yes” to opportunities that make my soul light up like the Fourth of July.

I definitely don’t have my name up in lights (does my website count?)

And I haven’t accepted any acting award for my performances (when the drinks are flowing in me and I decide to give a sermon on life at a bar, perhaps those are my Oscar-worthy performances).

What I have done is choose to pick up and investigate the pieces of curiosity along the way.

Marie Forleo says, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.”

And that’s what I choose to do: engage with life.

I never thought my writing would lead me to have a blog or write for a business’s website, social media, newsletter, and blog. Those were never on my dream list.

And now — that’s all I can dream about — is writing.

I would never know this had I not followed the knock that was banging so loudly on my head and heart around writing and digital marketing.

When we dismiss those whispers we hear within (which sometimes sound a little bit crazy), that’s when we shut off what could be — a dream we never knew we had.

There are some people in this world where they knew when they were 2-years-old what they wanted to be when they grew up. And at 25, 35, 45-years-old – that is what they are.

And then there are people, like myself, who may have thought they knew their life plans, but turns out, not so much.


Elizabeth Gilbert talks about being a hummingbird with your curiosity and passion.

And that’s where you will usually find me, dipping my beak into sweet nectar of curiosity, dabbling around in it, trying it on for size, making it my own.

I may not be a lifelong practitioner dedicated to just one instrument and mastering that…

I show up to the curiosity that stirs my soul, dive in, engage and get to work.

Sometimes, you find that “thing” you want to dedicate your entire life to.

Sometimes you mosey from one curious project to another; figuring out what works for your life and what doesn’t.

You are not bound by a childhood dream.

Nor are you hopeless if you still don’t know what you want to be when you “grow up”.

Just keep showing up.


Because I’d rather jump in the river and swim to find what I’m looking for…

Instead of sitting on the shore watching it all pass me by.


Love + Curiosity,

Keli Conci

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