How To Receive A Compliment (Illustrated By A Pre-Schooler)

How To Receive A Compliment (Illustrated By A Pre-Schooler)


It was a bright, yet crisp Saturday morning as she meandered into our bedroom with her white pajama shirt on backward and her pink and white socks pulled over her pants.

This tiny Pre-Schooler looked like she just rolled out of a John Hughes movie beholding like Curly Sue with some major bedhead – a tiny birds nest in the back of her hair where she slept, waiting for Mama Bird to fly right into it and perch herself on that rough patch of hair.

She grabbed her pink and black polka dotted blanket that’s been around since she was a wee babe, off the futon. I was reading a book and marveled at her appearance and excitedly blurted out, “I love you so much!”

“Love you, too.”

“You are so cute.”


And then she walked out of the bedroom sniffing her blanket like the loved up, ball of cuteness I was just doting on.

At that moment I thought – how fucking beautiful it is that this tiny human just accepted AND received a compliment without feeling like she had to compliment me in return or negate what I said.




What if (even if some resistance bubbled up inside us) we said, “thank you” and left it at accepting?

What if we actually received the compliment because holy hell, “You look beautiful today” actually feels really good to hear?

What if we didn’t try to interfere with the joy of the compliment-giver and brush aside what they said because it actually fuels their soul to say those things to you?

What if you didn’t question and actually believed you are absolutely worthy of the words raining upon you?

What if “thank you” is perfectly acceptable to say in return – nothing more, nothing less?

Because compliments (the giving and the receiving of them) can make a day, soothe a soul and elevate a life + you are so worthy.


Big Love + Learning to Give and Receive,



Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

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