Should Every Business Have A Blog?

I was in high school when I overheard the TV in the background refer to Rosie O’Donnell and her “blog”.

I was like, “What in the hell is a blog? That name already sounds like it’s doomed.”

Boy, was I all sorts of wrong on that one.

To get all nerdy on you, the term blog was officially coined in 1999 when Programmer Peter Merholz shortened the term “Weblog” to blog. (Feel smarter already, don’t you?)

Cut to 2018 – there are more than 440 million blogs on Tumblr, Squarespace, and WordPress. Now that’s a whole lotta writing on the Interwebs right there.

If you’re a business owner, you might have heard everyone and their sweet mother, aunt, and distant cousins tell you that having a blog for your business is  E V E R Y T H I N G  (in their most exaggerated voice of course).

So, I bet you’re wondering if they’re right —

should your business have a blog?

Asking this question — to me — is like asking if Chris Hemsworth should take his shirt off more (hell yes).

But, that’s only my preference because I have a wild hair for Aussie’s with blue eyes and ripped abs.

Case in point:

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

Ok, enough drooling over here.

Now, it’s not my style to tell people what to do (unless you’re my husband and I’m in major need of dark chocolate).

But, I will point out some highly qualified reasons why a blog could totally benefit your business and let you decide from there.

After all, it’s your business and YOU get to decide how you wanna run the damn thang.

Should Every Business Have a Blog?

Here are four reasons you might want to consider a blog for your business. 

#1 – You Own the Damn Thing

Ever heard of the concept of renting versus owning? (I know you have).

Now, I’m not ALL in favor of strictly owning (I’m a gypsy of sorts, y’all), but when it comes to your online real estate, you better own your shit.

I love me some social media. Get me all up in that Facebook and Instagram and my thumb’s ready to fall off by the end of the day.

But, what happens when Mr. Z (Mark Zuckerberg that is) changes the algorithm (which happens more than us business owners would like)?

That’s right, your organic reach usually goes down and all that time and energy you placed into social media (and not your website or blog) goes up in a cloud of algorithm smoke. Poof!

When you blog on YOUR website, you literally own that piece of online land. You own your website and ALL that goes in it.

Now, I’m not saying throw all of your social media out the window.

Just don’t place every ounce of your content in the house’s that others (like Mr. Z) have built. Spread the love to your website and newsletter as well (the online real estate you actually own). 

#2 – Your Blog Brings all the Boys to the Yard  

You built (and paid a pretty penny) for your beautiful website front, and now, nobody’s looking at it.

What the? Nobody likes the sound of virtual crickets.

Here’s the deal, Google LOVES content-rich websites that are full of answers and solutions and all things a human can Google.

And a blog is super handy for that reason and helps to drive traffic to your website.

The more you blog and build quality content on your website, the more people can find you – organically – through search engines like Google.

The longer your ideal customer stays on your website and gets to know you, and decides they kinda like you, they are more likely to buy from you (milkshakes included). 

#3 – Get on the Stage

Leather pants not required (but could be useful, I mean, look at Jon Bon Jovi).

If being a business owner makes you a rock star than what stage are you going to perform on? Your virtual website stage, of course!

When you consistently blog and create content that is useful for your audience, people get to know you.

They get to know your opinions, your brand voice (how you speak in your writing), how you deliver content – and over time – they get to decide if what they are consuming is something they want to continue doing or not.

By stepping up to your virtual stage, you get to showcase your talents and resources for your audience, and that, is how you get to create groupies and raving fans or those that say, “Nah, not for me” (and that is completely ok because you want an audience that’ll wait in the rain for you, versus a fair-weather fan).

#4 – A blog solves problems

Why do you have a business in the first place? To solve a problem, correct? To help someone achieve or buy something that could benefit them in some way. A blog does the same thing.

If you’re a doctor wanting to build your practice, or a photographer wanting to showcase your mad skills — having a blog to point your patients or customers to is invaluable.

If you’re the doctor, write about the problems your patients come to see you for. If you can, offer a solution or point them in a direction that’s helpful on the blog, and use the blog as a reference for patients with similar problems.

If you’re a photographer, write about the process it took to shoot certain pictures (what camera you used, the angles you chose and why, what homework you did to make that day/shoot happen).

Let people into your world and they might just keep “following” you around.

You don’t have to be an “expert” — just showcase the knowledge you do have and if that can help someone…even better! 

Things to Ponder Moving Forward

  • If I choose to have a business blog, who will write it (Marketing department? Hire a content writer? You’ve been dreaming of writing a blog for your business forever?)
  • How often will I blog (Once/day? Once/week? Once/month?)
  • And how practical is that number?
  • And how will you accomplish this blogging goal?
  • What topics will I blog about?
  • How will I distribute the blog (Newsletter? Social Media?)
  • Are aliens real? 👽Hmmmmmm.

Whether you decide a blog for your business is worth implementing or not, keep in mind that quality content is better than no content.

If you can’t keep a schedule of once a week posting, try bi-weekly or at least once a month to start out with.

Over time, you’ll start to flush out the kinks and get a clearer picture of this whole blogging thing.

And if you don’t think blogging is right for your business, or you don’t have the time to implement content at this point –

start where you are, keep showing up and know that you are doing a helluva job, my friend! For real. 

Love + Loving The Word Blog,

Keli Conci

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